WTS: FSNC Matte / Proof Finish 1938 Jefferson Nickels

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    This is a matched numbered set struck in .999 silver in both matte and proof finishes.
    This is set # 991, and slabbed by Segs! The set was limited to 1938 sets, the 1st. Year of the new nickel design. However these two coins are struck exactly as Fleix Schlag designed the 1938 Jefferson nickel. So they picked Schlag's design, and he won the prize......however he was made to change the design to what a 1938 MS nickel looked like and released by the U.S. mint.
    The winning design was more an art deco look.....which would fit perfectly durring the early days of the Jefferson nickel.

    You may PM me any offers...... or questions? These seldom come up for sale.
    20180501_172052.jpg 20180331_091759.jpg 20180331_091740.jpg
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