FS eBay From VDB Coins: Lots of Nice Toned Coins, Some Brilliant Ones, and Some True $0.99 Auctions!

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    TRY AGAIN: Thanks to Nathan 401 for noticing I left out the www. in the link below. It should work now ... If not go to eBay and find the vdbcoins Store. And thanks for that.

    I currently have nearly 50 coins listed on eBay, including a couple dozen BINs for better stuff (offers cheerfully considered here for somewhat less) and about two dozen TRUE auctions starting at $0.99 each! This is not junk, there are some nice toners, Mercury dimes, Jefferson nickels (good early dates), all slabbed PCGS, some of these are coins I paid up to $120 for!

    So I'd be proud for you to take a look, and I wish you each a pleasant, healthy, and prosperous week! Some of the true auctions close Thursday, the rest next Sunday.

    Link to VDB Coins eBay Store:

    And please Follow me on eBay if you're so inclined! That's a great way to see my newest inventory (and there's a lot coming down the pike)!

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