Friday - 8/19/22 - my second ANA show report

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    First trip can be found here:

    Updates from my second trip, today (8/19/22):

    ~I went later in the afternoon in order to pick up my grading subs from NGC and PCGS. There was noticeably less dealers (as is common, many had left early) around 2 PM and it really dwindled down after 4 PM.
    ~My grading results were a mixed bag; some coins did better than expected, a few worse, and the rest matched my guess. Overall I’m happy though as it’s a quick process and I get to have the coins back in hand without the hassle of shipping back and forth (and the extended wait times).
    ~I managed to scrape up several more coins to sell. One was graded and the others were raw problem coins (which I disclosed-although it was clear-these coins would not win any beauty contest). The raw ones were hard to move (as I figured given their look) but I finally succeeded (I’m sure the dealer will be able to move them to someone needing inexpensive album fillers). The graded coin did not sell (I priced it strong as I did not want to let it go unless it was close to my valuation). Instead I sold one of my newly graded PCGS coins (that one did hit my value).
    ~In my buying hunt, the goal was anything interesting (potentially a new box of 20ish coin). I ran into a very cool 40% Silver Kennedy. It had vivid color and I strongly contemplated pulling the trigger. But it was just a bit more than I wanted to spend, a lower grade, and the coin appeared to have some haziness/streak (which blended in with the toning but could still be seen at an angle). I figure someone will buy it-just not me at this time. I also went to view a coin I had considered on Wednesday. I gave it another look and concluded that my original decision to pass was the best call. In the end I did find two smaller items to buy-one was a funky looking Morgan that I liked at the asking price and the other was a group of self slabs (priced lower than eBay and I use these to make my own promotional slabs).
    ~Interestingly enough, I saw a toned Morgan that was basically the twin of the coin I bought on Wednesday. The colors and pattern were very close. The grade (63 star) and slabber (NGC) were the same. And it was also a common date. The one difference? Price! The ask was over 3 times what I paid for mine! I thanked the dealer and quickly handed it back.
    ~Another reason I went later in the day was due to my appointment time for the NGC grading contest. I’ve read about the ones they did before and finally got to experience it. You have 15 coins and 10 minutes to grade. They only ask for numerical grade or details or not genuine (so you don’t have to specify cameo/DCAM, RD/RB/BN, or the reason for details). The coins were a mix of US, world, tokens, and errors. I’m looking forward to see how I did. I was able to make it through all the coins with a minute to spare, so at least the timing did not trip me up. We’ll see about the actual grading.
    ~And finally I wanted to share an exhibit that I liked. This was dedicated to the Regency holder. There were submissions form, advertising, and even a voucher for one free grading (I’d love to use it now). I liked that PCGS certified all of this in the same holders used for the banknotes division.
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    Love it!!! I wish I could be there so bad. Thank you for posting.
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    I love the way those Regency holders look, but where the heck / how would you store them? Do they fit in a typical PCGS / ICG holder space or an NGC / ANACS spot? They appear taaaallll. Neat though.
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    They do not fit in any slab box. They are larger and somewhat irregular in shape. I briefly owned one several years ago and just stored it in its own box.
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