Ebay: Fresh NGC Morgans, 1917 Wheat

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    A few new listings on my ebay page, including two Morgans fresh from NGC and a really nice RB 1917 wheatie. EXTRA PICTURES AND VIDEOS INCLUDED IN EBAY LISTINGS

    First of all a gorgeously toned 1882 S MS63, rainbow textile toning all over the obverse and unique bowl luster. $460 with offers
    Right here

    Untitled design-4.png Untitled design-5.png

    Next up an incredible 1880 S MS64 with PL reflective fields, ridiculously bright neon blue toning, and the most unbelievable reverse. Spotless fields with slight cameo and a golden halo around, I could stare at it for hours. $175 with offers

    DSC_0071.JPG DSC_0076.JPG

    Last of all is a very nice 1917 wheat, ungraded, probably around a 63 or 64 RB. Obverse has lots of luster, reverse a bit less. Both sides have really nice dark red tone, and overall a nice coin. $130 with offers
    Get it here

    DSC_0097.JPG DSC_0099.JPG
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