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    This journey predates my membership here, but I figured I would share the update on these forums as well.

    Here is the original post I made over at NGC on 9-20-2019.

    This particular example is a proof halfpenny struck in copper by the Soho Mint (Peck 1371). The second coin pictured is an 1806 proof farthing (Peck-1391) that was also struck at the Soho Mint. Although both of these varieties are not nearly as rare as some their counterparts, they are somewhat unique. Matthew Boulton (the owner of the Soho Mint) took deep pride in the proof coins he produced and would often make tightly fitted pressed silver-lined brass cases (often called shells) to house them in. These particular coins have remained paired with their original shells for at least the last 200 years. It is exceedingly difficult to find specimens still paired with the original shells. Part of this is because, without the context of the coin, the shells are nondescript and have little meaning. However, when paired with the coin the shells attest to the detail and attention paid to producing some of the highest quality copper coinage England had ever seen in the 18th and 19th centuries. The Soho Mint was one of a kind and under the direction of Matthew Boulton forever impacted the way coins were produced. For more information about the Soho Mint, I encourage you to check out my registry set “What comes next? You’ve been freed. Do you know how hard it is to lead?”. This set aims to provide a glimpse into the rich history of the Soho Mint and serves as a source of information about the numerous pattern, proof, currency, and restrikes relevant to the Soho mint.

    Both of these coins in be on their way to NGC Monday morning. It is my hope that NGC will be able to encapsulate the coins alongside the shells. I want to encapsulate the coins but I think it would be an absolute shame to separate them from their shells.

    A few notes about the 1806 Halfpenny:

    At first glance, the picture might be somewhat confusing because it looks as though there are actually 4 shells as opposed to 2. This is not the case. I have simply included a picture of both sides of each shell to demonstrate what they look like. Most collectors are entirely unaware that these little pieces of brass exist, and as such, I wanted to take the opportunity to provide ample pictures.

    I absolutely love every aspect of this coin expect one. Although only slightly distracting in hand, the spot behind George III’s head is really the sole distractor of an otherwise sharply struck and well-preserved example. The pictures do not accurately portray the highly reflective and deeply rich brown surfaces.

    1806 Great Britain Proof Half Penny P-1371 with shells.jpg

    A few notes about the 1806 Farthing:

    Unlike the halfpenny, there is not a single aspect that I find to be distracting. The coin is well struck with bold details and an even overall brown color. Although the pictures do not show it, the obverse and reverse are accented with blueish purple undertones. Overall this coin has some major eye appeal in hand. My pictures are horrible but it’s the best that I can do at the moment.

    1806 Great Britain Proof Farthing P-1391 with shells.jpg

    Wow, I am impressed. These coins just came back from NGC, and Mr. Heller did a fantastic job making my wishful idea a reality. The quality of service provided by NGC never ceases to amaze me. To catch everyone up to speed, I had requested the silver-lined Soho Mint shells to be encapsulated alongside the coins. This task would require the use of a multi-coin holder. Part of the issue is that the multi-coin holders are only open for bulk submissions for specific members. I am not one of those members, and this was far from a bulk submission.
    Furthermore, the multi-coin holders are designed to house coins with a set of particular diameters, none of which matched the items that I submitted. Despite all of this, NGC was able to able to fulfill my request and encapsulate the shells alongside their respective coins. I am incredibly impressed with how these turned out, and I can not thank enough Mr. Heller and all those who helped make this possible. I apologize for the somewhat horrible iPhone pictures. I probably should have waited until tonight to take better pictures, but I was just too excited not to share it with you all now. Certification numbers and bar codes have been removed from the pictures intentionally.

    1806 G. Britain Proof ½ Penny P-1371 Skinner Collection with Original Soho Shells NGC PF-63 BN

    1806 Great Britain Proof Half Penny P-1371 with shells NGC PF-63 BN Skinner Collection Obv..jpg 1806 Great Britain Proof Half Penny P-1371 with shells NGC PF-63 BN Skinner Collection Rev..jpg

    1806 G. Britain Proof Farthing P-1391 Skinner Collection with Original Soho Shells NGC PF-64 BN

    1806 Great Britain Proof Farthing P-1391 with shells NGC PF-64 BN Skinner Collection Obv..jpg 1806 Great Britain Proof Farthing P-1391 with shells NGC PF-64 BN Skinner Collection Rev..jpg
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    That is so cool!
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    @Coinsandmedals WHOA! I love it! The coins with the shells slabbed up look great! I'm glad NGC took good care of you on this!
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    Really well done. Goes to show what great customer service one can expect from NGC! They take pride in having great coins in their holders done right.
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  6. Coinsandmedals

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    I appreciate all of the positive comments. I am still somewhat amazed by how well these turned out. Maybe someday down the road, I can use them in an exhibit.
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    These are super cool and well done. It really makes me want a set like this. Super cool!!
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    Wow! Great coins (and shells) and a great backstory. Thanks for sharing. And kudos to NGC for accommodating your requests.
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