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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by BRENDAN KEELEY, Mar 9, 2005.



    Can anyone tell me where I should look for scrap French Francs? I have bought an hotel in the Tarn and would like to make a bar of thousands of Francs. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Brendan
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  3. JBK

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    French franc coins could be exchanged for euros up until last month. Therefore, they have only recently become worthless. I am not aware that there is a standard process for scrapping the coins. Some countries might melt them, others might deface them. In any case, unless you bought ones that people saved, you would only be bale to get destroyed ones, if any at all.

    Maybe you should expand to older French coins and banknotes – eBay would have a steady supply in various quantities.
  4. ageka

    ageka New Member

    I understand that the old francs were bought by a few industriels
    and that everything that contained nickel has allready been sold and shipped to China
  5. Aidan Work

    Aidan Work New Member

    Ageka,I read on the European Central Bank's website,which is at that you can now no longer exchange Belgian Franc coins,but the Central Bank of Belgium is still taking back the Franc notes & giving Euros in exchange.

  6. ageka

    ageka New Member

    I know ; they had it on the newsbroadcast in december three days in a row
    So I rushed to the bank to be told I had to go to Brussels or Antwerp to a National bank ( so I threw the change in a drawer and will go with the few bills I found at my convenience )

    There is a big amount of money that was never exchanged
    ( lost or kept as souvenir or forgotten )
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