Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by chrsmat71, Jan 13, 2017.

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    your agonizer please 002.JPG
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    Add me in please and thank you very much.
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    When me and my wife were in your country, visiting Disney World, twice, in 1998, march and 2010 december, we received a lot of coins in charge and bring them to Brazil. They were forgot till some of weeks ago when I found them in a plastic bag. So I started to be a collector coins. Since that "discovery" I beginning to collect some coins from Brazil too. (Sorry by my poor english).
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  6. Wal888

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    I have some brazillian ancient coins and others in circulation, and some coins with errors.

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    I have a few Brazilian coins, as relatives were there from about 1920-1925. But this post is not a great one to share info on new topics. If you have not already done so, go to introductions and start a 'hello' type post. I also would love to see the coins you like. And, of course, there are many areas here to post new threads in.
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    Oh, thank you for help me to start a new conversation. I'd tried to start but could not upload files. I'll try to start by the way you said.
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    Oh man, my old thread came back from the dead and caused all kinds of trouble!


    Sorry about that! Someone just wack it on the head with a shovel or something. :zombie:

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    No problem Chrsmat71, I've learned to "how to do things here by the right way" and I was able to open the thread "Brazillian coins - Do somebody has any coin to show?".
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    Yeah, that happens sometimes (he, he, he)

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