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    I have been buying ancient-history books for over 40 years. It is time to pass some along to the next generation. I have Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and general ancient-history books here:


    All I want is to cover my shipping costs.

    EDIT: July 9: Many are gone, but many remain. Free books! Take a look!

    If you order a not-free book from my regular numismatic literature page:


    and pay regular shipping, you can add in titles from this "free books" page for 75 cents each to cover the extra shipping. If you don't order from the regular page, that's fine, but the first book will be $3.50 (in the US only) because that is the basic shipping cost. A few books are large or very large and a small additional cost is indicted for them on the "books" page (e.g. "$1 extra").

    If you are not in the US, do not attempt to order. It is only inexpensive US media-mail that allows me to do this.

    Write to me using the e-mail address on those pages.
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