Found silver in change cup at Quick Chek in NJ

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by runninghorse1, Jan 30, 2021.

  1. runninghorse1

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    Two days ago, I'm in line at the self-scan check out kiosk at Quick Check to buy a snack for the long commute home. The guy in line in front of me finished and left the store. He seemed to be in a hurry and he left a quarter in the change cup at the kiosk. I thought, "cool! I just got a free quarter..." I scanned my snack and inserted my cash to pay. My change included a few coins that jangled out of the coin shoot and dropped right on top of the abandoned quarter that was already in the change cup. I heard that "familiar" high-pitched sound of a silver coin clinking when dropped. I noticed and remembered that familiar sound, but didn't search the coins until I got home. Sure enough! The freebie quarter was a 1964-P 90% silver quarter in very nice shape. Maybe some heir of a coin collection had no use for the "spare change" and just spent it? It will join some fellow survivors in my coin tube of 90% silver quarters shortly!
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  3. masterswimmer

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    Love the clank. Music to my ears.
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  4. runninghorse1

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    Yes sir! Mine too. I was NOT thinking about silver or coins, rather getting some grub and getting on the road for 90 minute commute through Jersey. Heard the "clank" and it was unmistakable.
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