Fort Worth - ANA Show

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by rlm's cents, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. rlm's cents

    rlm's cents Numismatist

    Who is going to be there? I hope to make it Thursday PM and at lest sometime Friday.
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  3. 900fine

    900fine doggone it people like me

    I'm there all day Friday and part of Saturday. My lovely bride will be there earlier Thursday.
  4. swhuck

    swhuck Junior Member

    Saturday only :(
  5. ICollectCoins

    ICollectCoins Junior Member

    At least Thursday, maybe more, wearing a Cents-ible shirt.
  6. ICollectCoins

    ICollectCoins Junior Member

    Slightly off-topic. Thinking about pricing at shows like this. When is the best time to get the best deals from folks at shows like this? Do dealers price low early, trying to build buzz? Do they price low Saturday afternoons trying to salvage a show? Early in the day? Late in the day?
    I realize that this is going to depend on the dealer and the situation. I was just wondering what the membership's experience has been.
  7. The Penny Lady®

    The Penny Lady® Coin Dealer

    I'm headed there tomorrow morning and will be there the whole time. Please feel free to stop by my table #433.

    ICollect, I, for one do not change my prices based on time of day, early/late in the show, etc., and I don't know any dealers that do. My prices may change if I had something in inventory for a while.
  8. Duke Kavanaugh

    Duke Kavanaugh The Big Coin Hunter

    PennyLady what about the dealer set up time/early bird?
  9. The Penny Lady®

    The Penny Lady® Coin Dealer

    Not sure if you're asking about time, but it opens Wed at 1:00 p.m. for dealers, I'll be there right around that time. Dealer day ends at 5:30, and most of us are headed to the Texas BBQ/dance at the BEP. So, depending on how good of a time we have at the BBQ, will determine what time my son and I arrive on Thursday! :D

    If you're asking about pricing on dealer day, most dealers work with other dealers so we still have enough room to resale the items we buy.
  10. ICollectCoins

    ICollectCoins Junior Member

    Thanks for the response Penny Lady. I've written down your booth number so I can stop by and say hello!
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