Foreign Coins my father accumulated during WWII.

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Jim Dale, Jan 7, 2019.

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    I have about 20 coins from 1920 to 1988. The latest coins are from Canada that I accumulated as change. I have a 1809, one penny coin from Admiral Gardner wreck of 1809. I'm sure my father paid more than it was worth, but I like it. A 1943 1 Shilling coin from Australia, a 1 Cent and a 10 Cent Centennial (1867-1967) coins from Canada, a 1941, 1 Bronze Penny from New Zealand, a 1917 1 penny, 1922 Half penny, and a 1938 3 Pence, from Great Britain, (also a 1954 6 pence and a 1962 3 pence) also from Great Britain, a 1944 Half Rupee and 1943 1 Anna from India, and finally a coin I was told that was from Korea, a 100 Won (I was told the date was in Korean). I don't know the worth, but I would like a good source to give me information on them.
    This my first post and I hope I didn't break any rules. Thanks.
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    This is a website I really like to search for coins -
    Click on Advanced Search and fill in whatever info you have on any coin you have.
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    Welcome to CT. Later if you want to we would like to see detailed photos of both sides of each coin.
  5. sonlarson

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    If the 100 Won does not have a date then it is most likely a South Korean 100 Hwan. It should have the number 4292 which would be 1959. Value would depend on condition. Range from $2-$45. Photos always help.
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