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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by nicholasz219, Sep 24, 2020.

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    Those blog posts are an invaluable source for a lot of relatively obscure stuff. I’ve learned so much more about Rome and Greece than any textbook I’ve read (quite a bit)
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    Very nice...Thanks!
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    @nicholasz219, that's a very informative site on Hadrian with a nice collection of his coins also posted there.


    Hadrian as Caesar (117-138 AD). Denarius. Rome mint. HADRIANVS AVG COS III P P, Bare head right / VOTA PVBLICA, Hadrian, draped standing left, holding a patera over tripod altar, left, sacrificing. 18.4 mm. 3.4 g.


    IONIA. Ephesos. Hadrian (117-138 AD). AE. Hadrian laureate head right. / Statue of Artemis Ephesia facing within temple. 21 mm. 5.89 g.
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  6. IanG

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    Talking of Hadrian, a friend and I walked Hadrian's Wall a couple of years ago and came across this chap who was walking the Wall for charity dressed as a Roman legionary. He tried to make the outfit as authentic as possible and even had the chain mail specially made in Germany at a cost of £600. I tried it on one evening when we were staying at the same place and it weighed 20 kilos! He walked about 90 miles in 5 days over some rough terrain and a couple of the days were horrible - strong wind and driving rain. Geordie2.jpg

    Many of you will know but for those who don't Hadrian's Wall was built by Hadrian from 122 AD and stretched across the North of England from coast to coast. A lot of the wall no longer exists but some of the parts that do remain are very spectacular - see below. hadrians-wall-castle-nick-milecastle-cropped.jpg

    I took my Hadrian denarius along for the ride which was a source of great fascination to many of the people we met on our travels.
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  8. ancient coin hunter

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    A traveling Hadrian coin from Egypt:


    Hadrian. 117-138 AD.

    Æ Drachm, 36mm, 22.1g, 11h; Alexandria, Year 15 = 130/1 AD.

    Obverse: AVT KAI - TRAI AΔPIA CEB; Bust laureate, draped, cuirassed right.

    Reverse: Alexandria kisses the hand of the arriving emperor; he is laureate and togate, stands left, extends right hand to Alexandria and holds scepter in left; she stands right wearing elephant skin headdress, guides the emperor's hand to her mouth with her right hand, and holds two wheat ears downwards with her left hand; in lower field L - IE.

    Reference: Cologne 1034; Emmett 964/15.
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    There are some great coins and replies to this thread. I’m happy to share something I’ve enjoyed with everyone. Go back through her posts: there are many.

    That guy walking the wall in full legionary gear is my new hero. How awesome.
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