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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by ldhair, Jul 9, 2010.

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    Not sure this is quite within the rules of the game, but it is a morgan design tribure.

    The funny thing is it is 1/10 oz of .24 fine gold. Not 1/10 oz 24k gold. The Cook Islands made these purposefully deceptive and charge a big premium for these. Without reading into it fully, onr may think $100 for 1/10 of gold is a sweet deal. But it's true gold content is .024ozt. I was happy to pay melt for it, but wish I grabbed all 3. Also dig the NGC retro slab.
    FB_IMG_1586549135749.jpg FB_IMG_1586549477086.jpg
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    Maybe this is next? I looked for a 1964 Morgan, but I only have a few, and their pictures aren’t very good. ;) They are proofs, of course. If only we could see all the die markers!. I will post pictures soon, and you’ll see then, for sure. Really. And I just sent them in for grading, fer sure. Then we will all see how great they are.

    S$1 1883 O full 01.gif
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    It’s on the list to update the photos after removing the dust.:arghh:
    A9F1BDDB-1482-456B-B4B7-CC9C2FB2CC56.jpeg DD9519C3-8313-4513-9A15-0D286CB6B39C.jpeg
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    My grandmother was born in 1883. She was a coin collector of sorts, and was always looking for coins with the date. This was the one she had, a love token.

    1883 Dime Love Token O.jpg 1883 Dime Love Token R.jpg
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    Pretty cool to have a love token that is tied to family. Don't see that very often.
    I'm thinking it's a dime.
    Image_0090.JPG Image_0092.JPG
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