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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Collect89, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Bing

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    In fact, this coin has quite a history:
    lot 785 of the John Quincy Adams sale (Stacks, 1971) purchased by Christian Blom. Chris sold it to Mendel Peterson of the Smithsonian Institution (it comes with his tag) who sold it to Gene Brandenberg, Trojan Antiques.
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  3. Bing

    Bing Illegitimi non carborundum Supporter

    I guess no one has an old collector's tag to share, so do you want to select another topic @JayAg47?
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  4. JayAg47

    JayAg47 Well-Known Member

    How about a coin featuring a human fighting an animal?
  5. Bing

    Bing Illegitimi non carborundum Supporter

    AR Serratus Denarius
    OBVERSE: ROMA, draped bust of Roma right, helmeted & decorated with corn ears, control mark letter above
    REVERSE: C•POBLICI•Q•F, Hercules strangling the Nemean lion, club at his feet
    Struck at Rome 80 BC
    3.88g, 16mm
    Cr380/1, Syd 768, Poblicia 9

    Next: Hercules/Heracles
  6. Struck7

    Struck7 Active Member

    Sicily, Kentoripai AE 13 after 241BC
    Head of bearded Heracles right / KENTO-ΡIΠINΩN, horizontal club.

    Its a bit of a rushed job on the photography here team. Apologies
    Next: How about a coin with some ancient graffiti IMG_20220712_054326.jpg IMG_20220712_054502.jpg
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  7. Bing

    Bing Illegitimi non carborundum Supporter

    It's been a while. How about a different topic @Struck7
  8. Struck7

    Struck7 Active Member

    Thanks Bing. A coin with a portrait of Caligula
  9. Bing

    Bing Illegitimi non carborundum Supporter

    Caligula 4.jpg
    AR Denarius
    OBVERSE: C CAESAR AVG GERM P M TR POT, bare head right
    REVERSE: DIVVS AVG PATER PATRIAE, radiate head of Divus Augustus right
    Struck at Lugdunum, 37/8AD
    3.5g, 18mm
    RIC I 10

    Next: Divus Augustus
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  10. octavius

    octavius Well-Known Member

    Divus Augustus As, struck under Tiberius.

    Next, Imperial portrait coin of Tiberius...

  11. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

    Tiberius & Drusus ( 14 - 37 A.D.)
    AR Drachm
    CAPPADOCIA, Caesarea-Eusebia
    O: [TI C]AES AVG PM TRP XXXV, Laureate head of Tiberius right.
    R: DRVSVS CAES TI] AVG F COS II R P, Head of Drusus left.
    Caesarea in Cappadocia mint 33- 34 A.D.
    RIC I 87; RPC I 3622. Syd 46

    Next: Any "radiate head"
  12. Clavdivs

    Clavdivs Well-Known Member

    Marcus Aurelius, AD 161-180
    Æ Dupondius, 25mm, 10.7g, 12h; Rome, AD 161.
    Obv.: IMP CAES M AVREL ANTONINVS AVG P M; Radiate bust right, slight drapery on shoulder.
    Rev.: CONCORDIA AVGVSTOR TR P XV COS III, S C across fields; Marcus Aurelius standing right, holding scroll and clasping hands with Lucius Verus standing left, both togate.

    NEXT: Handshake
  13. octavius

    octavius Well-Known Member

    RR denarius - Albinus. Brutus.
    next , Pietas..

  14. Bing

    Bing Illegitimi non carborundum Supporter

    AR Denarius
    OBVERSE: Diademed head of Pietas right, stork before
    REVERSE: IMPER in exergue, lituus and jug, all within laurel wreath
    Spanish Mint 81 BC
    3.8g; 20mm
    Crawford 374/2; Sydenham 751; Caecilia 44
    Ex: Barry Murphy

    Next: Stork or other feathery friend.
  15. octavius

    octavius Well-Known Member

    Ae from Teanum with rooster on reverse.
    next, another bird...

  16. robinjojo

    robinjojo Well-Known Member

    Olbia, cica 400-380 BC, AE cast 36 mm, sea eagle reverse. 20.1 grams.

    It looks as if he's clutching Moby Dick.

    D-Camera Olbia., Gorgoneion, Ca. 400-380 BC. Æ cast 36mm, 20.1 grams, 9-17-20.jpg

    Next: How about a Hadrian provincial or imperial coin, any type.
  17. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic


    Hadrian (117-138 A.D.)
    AR Didrachm
    CAPPADOCIA, Caesarea
    O: ADPIANOC CEBACTOC, laureate head right.
    R: YPATOC G.PATHPPA, Helios standing on Mount Argaeus, holding globe and sceptre.
    Sydenham, Caesarea 263; Metcalf, Caesarea 92a

    Next: Nerva
  18. hotwheelsearl

    hotwheelsearl Well-Known Member

    Nerva As or Dupondius. 28mm, rather smaller than most of my sestertii, but has the brassy color of a sestertius or dupondius.

    Next: a slick that is somehow still identifiable
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  19. Sulla80

    Sulla80 Supporter! Supporter

    This coin from Corinth comes with many tangents to pursue: the definition of hetaira, Aristotle (384–322 BC) and his study under Plato, founding of the "peripatetic school", or origins of the name "peripatetic"... See: Laϊs of Corinth for the longer story
    Lais of Corinth Hetaira.jpg
    Achaea, Corinthia, Corinth, during the reign of Hadrian, AD 128/38, AE 21mm 7.15g
    Obv: Ηead of Aphrodite (?) Laϊs(?), with earring and necklace, right, hair brought back and tied behind, leaving loose ends
    Rev: COL L IVL COR, lioness standing, left, over prostrate ram, on capital of Doric column; very little of the fluted shaft is shown
    Ref: RPC Vol. III 247 same dies as the example in RPC, very rare with 5 specimens known in RPC, SNG Copenhagen (vol. XV, Corinth) 294
    Note: "The head on the obverse of the coin may be intended either for Aphrodite or for Lais herself."

    Next: another coin from Corinth
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  20. Collect89

    Collect89 Coin Collector

    Corinth IMG_6677.jpg
    Corinth IMG_6676.jpg
    CORINTHIA, Corinth
    AR Stater
    345-307 B.C.

    Pegasos w/ artfully pointed wing
    flying left. ϙ below.
    Rev: Head of Athena left wearing
    Corinthian helmet with laureate.
    Boar standing l on right.
    A below left, P below right
    Grade: EF and well centered both sides.
    Wear is apparent only at the points of highest relief.
    Fine style & good strike. Strong feather details in Pegasos wings.
    Other: Sear 2629, Ravel 1017, B.M.C.12.247-248, Pegasi 435,
    From Allen Berman Oct 2019.

    The sharp feathers and decent Pegasos strike is what drew me to this coin. horse·feath·ers is a plural noun which means nonsense or balderdash. See also baloney, malarkey, and hokum. In the example today I refer to the razor sharp feathers in Pegasos’ wings. Yep those too are horsefeathers.

    Let's see a coin with feathers next.
  21. doucet

    doucet Well-Known Member

    This Griffin from Thrace, Abdera has feathers and this horse from Mysia, Lampsakos, has feathers. Of course the Eagle has feathers, although this engraver used more lines on this one From Spain, Obulco.

    Thrace, Abdera  Apollo Griffin.JPG Lampsakos, Mysia 4th- 3rd c (2).JPG
    obulco bull eagle.jpg

    Feather rhymes with Leather. A coin with leather?
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