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Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Hommer, May 22, 2022.

  1. Hommer

    Hommer Curator of Semi Precious Coinage Supporter

    Today I spent a few hours in a local flea market. I found a few things that peaked my interest so I brought them home. 20220522_174628.jpg
    The ashtray I thought was kinda cool but I don't smoke. How would you clean it and treat the verdigris?

    Please feel free to post your flea market finds.
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  3. potty dollar 1878

    potty dollar 1878 Well-Known Member

    I don't recall ever going to a flea market before,not sure if their around my area and those are some neat items!!!.
  4. Oldhoopster

    Oldhoopster Member of the ANA since 1982

    The "Gentleman's" tokens are likely to be modern reproductions/fantasy pieces. Lots of fake material out there from that genre
  5. Hommer

    Hommer Curator of Semi Precious Coinage Supporter

    They were negotiated for as such (a dollar a piece tax included) with the guy making me promise if they were worth more that I give him a bigger cut. I did a little research online for history and they are replicate of others, if the ones I came across were actually originals. I've never actually used one so am soliciting more expert opinions.
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  6. Paddy54

    Paddy54 Hey brother can you spare a half dime?

    Acetone will clean it up
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  7. hotwheelsearl

    hotwheelsearl Well-Known Member

    I doubt it would do a whole lot about verdigris.
    Isn't acetone better for things like PVC residue vs inert substances like most verdigris?
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  8. atcarroll

    atcarroll Well-Known Member

    Yes, acetone is a good solvent, but a solvent probably won't do much for verdigris.
  9. Paddy54

    Paddy54 Hey brother can you spare a half dime?

    I use it all the time on my finds its a medal cleaner...i would also use olive oil or Verdi care since Wizard has it back in stock
  10. tibor

    tibor Supporter! Supporter

    Those two Large Cents and Half Cent look interesting. Could you
    share those separately?
  11. Hommer

    Hommer Curator of Semi Precious Coinage Supporter

    There are no half cents.

    RoundPhoto_May222022_211058.png RoundPhoto_May222022_211211.png RoundPhoto_May222022_211258.png RoundPhoto_May222022_211342.png RoundPhoto_May222022_211443.png RoundPhoto_May222022_211555.png
  12. potty dollar 1878

    potty dollar 1878 Well-Known Member

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  13. Hommer

    Hommer Curator of Semi Precious Coinage Supporter

    I don't have my scope, am in a hotel, and when I look too close I get cross eyed, or scatter eyed, or scatter brained, or both, or all three. In a loop, it looks like dirt.
  14. potty dollar 1878

    potty dollar 1878 Well-Known Member

    Figured it was most likely dirt but without a clear answer still a possibility.
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  15. TheNickelGuy

    TheNickelGuy Yippie I Oh

    I would put the ashtray in a reloading brass tumbler. Not that I ever cleaned coins in one. Yes, I have thought about it but never did. I'm sure that would do a great job. If you know anyone who reloads, ask them to do it for you.
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  16. buddy16cat

    buddy16cat Well-Known Member

    You seem to do better than I did at a Flea Market. The one guy said that the coins he had were not for a numismatic just if someone wants something. I bought some foreign coins for $5 and they were only worth a few cents. They had wheat pennies in a plastic cover for much more than they are worth.
  17. Rheingold

    Rheingold Well-Known Member

    That‘s my latest flea market find
    Cleaned but for 16 Bucks I couldn‘t say no.
  18. Hommer

    Hommer Curator of Semi Precious Coinage Supporter

    There was that too. One guy had a cigar box full of wheat cents for 50 cents each. If I could have taken the afternoon and searched through each one with a loop, I could have possibly found one worth that. Then there was another that had some polished to death buffalo nickels for $10 each. No one there was specializing in coins.

    I bought the ashtray from a lady who had many different types of ashtrays and said her mom and dad both smoked and had passed on leaving her the remnants. The 3 tokens came from a guy who had a eclectic collection of things including a pocket knife collection and the tokens were in his pocket knife case, I almost bought a knife too, but settled for just the tokens.

    I bought the '37 cent from a guy selling sports cards, thousands upon thousands of sports cards and a great deal of fishing tackle. I don't do the cards, did the card thing as a kid but only because all the other kids were. I really just got them for the bubble gum. I carried the cards around in my back pocket and sweating, swimming in creeks, and other general adventures turned most all of my collection into what appeared as a huge spitball. I also bought a new fishing hat from this guy.

    The 2- '56 cents came from a guy selling antique tools that he said that he got most from estate sales and had bought a box that had those and many more in it.

    The tool guy was beside a guy selling new outdoor cooking equipment and I probably wouldn't have even stopped there if it hadn't been for that. The cooking equipment guy had a couple of things that I want at reasonable prices but I don't really have a place to store them until I am headed home

    I also left with a huge bag of roasted in the shell peanuts that the house keeping staff here may boot me out for getting the hulls in the carpet.
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  19. TheNickelGuy

    TheNickelGuy Yippie I Oh

    You need to make a deal with the large cent guy. Tell him to bring them all next week.
  20. Mr. Flute

    Mr. Flute Well-Known Member

    Here are two from the giant weekly flea market from a couple weeks ago. $40 each:

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  21. buddy16cat

    buddy16cat Well-Known Member

    Wheat cents for 50 cents. I sold wheat cents at a coin show and I got 2 cents a piece.
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