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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by YoloBagels, Apr 17, 2021.


What Grade is it?

  1. MS-67

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  2. MS-66

  3. MS-65

  4. MS-64

  5. MS-63

  6. MS-62

  7. MS-61

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  8. MS-60

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  9. AU-58

  10. AU-55

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  1. YoloBagels

    YoloBagels Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone,

    Today I bought a 1928-D Standing Liberty Quarter graded in an OGH by PCGS

    Please guess what you think the grade is!

    Also note that the large scratch from L to Liberty's neck is on the holder, NOT the coin.


    If any additional pics are requested I will try to provide them.

    Thank you!
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  3. potty dollar 1878

    potty dollar 1878 Well-Known Member

  4. SensibleSal66

    SensibleSal66 Casual Collector / error expert "in Training "

  5. ksparrow

    ksparrow Coin Hoarder Supporter

    Nice coin!
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  6. ddoomm1

    ddoomm1 keep on running

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  7. ddddd

    ddddd Member

    MS 64 ...looks to have booming luster
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  8. Razz

    Razz Critical Thinker

  9. mrweaseluv

    mrweaseluv Supporter! Supporter

  10. Beefer518

    Beefer518 Well-Known Member

  11. Rheingold

    Rheingold Well-Known Member

  12. Anthony Mazza

    Anthony Mazza Active Member

    MS65 not quite full head but a very nice strike
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  13. Phil's Coins

    Phil's Coins Well-Known Member

  14. chascat

    chascat Well-Known Member

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  15. wxcoin

    wxcoin Getting no respect for 65 years Supporter

    I'll go with 64. I don't see an ear so not FH. I'm curious about the scratch looking feature on the obverse from the L to the E in LIBERTY. I'm assuming that it's not a scratch since you don't have a details option in your poll.
  16. Beefer518

    Beefer518 Well-Known Member

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  17. Mac McDonald

    Mac McDonald Well-Known Member

    Am going with a 64...maybe 65...but only because I can't clearly see the breast feathers, if a weaker strike or just the lighting/angle, shadow, etc. of the photo. Neck looks good, but then nothing on the breast. Very nice piece. Appears a FH but that's not one of the options.
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  18. wxcoin

    wxcoin Getting no respect for 65 years Supporter

    @Beefer518, Thanks for answering my question. Obviously I need to do a better job reading comments:)
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  19. YoloBagels

    YoloBagels Well-Known Member

    Good morning everyone, thank you for your responses. Here are some closer pics of the head. Taking these pics with my phone camera (Galaxy S9).


    It is not designated as FH and I agree that while it's a somewhat stronger strike, it still isn't FH.

    And finally here's the PCGS grade:


    It has very strong luster and relatively clean surfaces, some chatter on the head and knee. Whether it could regrade at 65 if I crack and resub I would give it 50/50 odds. I am absolutely positive it could CAC though. Will try to see if there's a way to get it lined up straight in the slab.

    Then again thank you guys for the responses. Love to have this coin in my type set and will probably do a video on it for my YT soon.
  20. johnmilton

    johnmilton Well-Known Member

    I voted MS-65, no full head.

    The coins in green label PCGS holders are often, but not always, conservatively graded. I think that's the case here.
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  21. wxcoin

    wxcoin Getting no respect for 65 years Supporter

    I think it would probably get a green bean if sent to CAC.
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