First Sighting: New PCGS Banknote Label

Discussion in 'Paper Money' started by Endeavor, Mar 13, 2020.

  1. Endeavor

    Endeavor Well-Known Member

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  3. Mountain Man

    Mountain Man Well-Known Member

    Not real impressed with their holder design, but love that note.
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  4. Endeavor

    Endeavor Well-Known Member

    I don't think it's that bad but I do think their Gold Shield Grading label (overseas operation) is nicer. Definitely better than the PCGS Currency holder which wasn't crimped or laminated along the edges.

    Eventually it will change and this will be known as the 1st generation holder like the rattler holders for coins.
  5. mpcusa

    mpcusa "Official C.T. TROLL SWEEPER"

    Agreed very vanilla :(
  6. mpcusa

    mpcusa "Official C.T. TROLL SWEEPER"

    Looks like Legacy currency is working on the population report as its identical
    to the previously closed PCGS one that he was running, and my account is still active makes be believe that the notes are going to cross over to legacy :)
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  7. SteveInTampa

    SteveInTampa Always Learning

    I can’t imagine any collector wanting to send notes to Legacy for grading.
  8. mpcusa

    mpcusa "Official C.T. TROLL SWEEPER"

    Actually just got an email from Legacy today, posted those results on that thread
    for interested parties.
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