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  1. Hello to everyone. I have been collecting ancient coins for a quite some time, but these are my first two ancient rings I buy, so I can say I am almost clueless on the subject. I hope it's ok with all of you to share some thoughts on them here. They are both bought through a strict and reputable platform, while the seller offers life time certificate of authenticity and provenance. The thing is that I, with my trained eyes on ancient coins, I see them perfectly right, with my latest though realization that the silver one that was offered to me as byzantine has the iconography from the late roman coins of Constantine with the two victories holding shield over altar. Could that mean that byzantine is a mistake and it should be considered late roman? Could a ring have iconography from a coin, or it could be considered iconography of that time that was applied to other things except coins, meaning something special for that period? And what is your overall opinion on both of them?
    The rings description are: left - roman 2nd-3d century AD bronze ring with agate intaglio depicting pegasus, with some iron deposits.
    right - Byzantine 10th-13th century silver ring, angels over altar holding shield.

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  3. cmezner

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    Can't answer your questions, sorry, but that is a one of a kind Pegasus ring! Impressive piece. Will you wear it? Just curious :D
  4. Maybe the silver one! But I will be too anxious not to damage it.
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  5. Orange Julius

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    Awesome rings! That silver one definitely looks like the VICTORIAE LAETAE PRINC PERP coins from the early 4th century. I know @Victor_Clark knows a lot about those coins and may enjoy it. As for an earlier dating, you could be right but also those coins (or similar artwork) may have been an inspiration at any later date.

    As for rings, I have a few but this one is my favorite with a bust of Hercules (or Alexander as...). Ex. Donald Jackson Collection
  6. ancient coin hunter

    ancient coin hunter Basileus Megalos

    I've got a couple that showed up in an uncleaned coin lot along with a brooch/fibula (shoulder clasp) kind of cool. I tried to wear the rings but alas those romans had small fingers.
  7. So I was thinking more and more and I may have concluded after searching late roman shield patterns that the victories holding shield might be an army symbol that got ended up in coins as it was something usual. So my thinking is that the ring is not inspired by the coin but most probably by a shield or a standard. The X on the shield most probably is the number ten for Legio X (gemina or fretensis). So I hypothesize that it is a late roman legionary or officer ring.
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