First Prusian 2 thaler

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by doppeltaler, May 12, 2018.

  1. doppeltaler

    doppeltaler Well-Known Member

    I just won this recently and believe to be the first Prussian double thlaer (i could be wrong).

    Prussia. Friedrich Wilhelm III 2 Taler 1839-A AU53 NGC,Berlin mint, KM425. Not really a rare coin i think, Looks like 17 graded by NGC and 5 graded better.

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  3. Eduard

    Eduard Supporter**

    A nice example!
    You are correct, this is the first Doppeltaler from Prussia.
    While not scarce, your is very nicely preserved. The type was minted in both 1839 and 1840. A few example dated 1841 are known (very rare)
  4. doppeltaler

    doppeltaler Well-Known Member

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  5. Eduard

    Eduard Supporter**

    The link (and the picture you show) leads to a common 1841 Prussia Doppeltaler of the common Friedrich Wilhelm IV type. At best worth 280 Euros in true EF (probably EF45 to AU 50 in the US), certainly not worth what they want for it.

    The rare one is the 1841 Friedrich Wilhelm III type of which very few are known.
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  6. ominus1

    ominus1 Well-Known Member

    in looking at these thalers i just remembered i have a coin of Friedrich's.. :)
  7. Seba79

    Seba79 Well-Known Member

    Very nice coins, both the '39 & '41
  8. Zohar444

    Zohar444 Member

    congrats doppeltaler!
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