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Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by expat, Mar 24, 2023.

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    My first encounter with Greek issues. Picked these up to see if I could ID them. For only 2 Euros per coin I couldn't go wrong.

    Amisos, Pontos. AE20. Time of Mithradates VI. Ca 120-63 BC. AE 19mm. Helmeted head of Ares right / AMI-ΣOY across fields, sword in sheath, star in crescent at upper left, IB at upper right, ΦΠA monogram at lower left, no monogram at lower right.
    19mm, 7.68g
    Malloy 32a. Not in SNG BMC Black Sea
    20230324_225606 (2)-side.jpg

    Elymais, AE drachm, struck by Kamnaskires-Orodes III, 2nd century BC. Facing bust with long moustache and pointed beard, large lateral tufts, wearing a double diadem, all within border of dots / Female bust (Artemis?) left, wearing a headdress of a crest of rays terminating in pellets, necklace and pearled dress, (anchor behind head off flan), all within border of dots. 14mm, 2.70g. BMC p. 280, 2-3; De Morgan 54.
    20230324_191717 (2)-side.jpg

    Orodos II, AE Drachm, Elymais

    Orodes II. Early-mid 2nd century CE. AE drachm . Bearded head right with two diadem and pearl collar. Inverted anchor and crescent with pointed dot in right field / bust of Belos facing with Aramic legend around (counter clockwise): WRWD MLK'' BRY WRWD (King Orodes, son of Orodes). van't Haaff type 13.2.1-2B; Alram 478; De Morgan type 44/5. aVF. Scarce.
    15mm, 3.3g
    20230323_232252 (2)-side.jpg
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    Beware! Greeks can become habit forming!

    ... and expensive, though if one sticks with bronze, that need not necessarily be so. There's so much cool stuff in the Greek bronzes.
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