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  1. gboulton

    gboulton 7070 56.98 pct complete

    Today I completed what feels, to me, like my first "real set".

    I've put together "sets" before...but it was usually some "subset" of a larger, a state quarter "set", of course...or a "set" of clad Roosevelt dimes, or whatever.

    But this one feels "complete".

    With the arrival of a particular 1964 Proof set, I've now "finished" a set of Kennedy halves.

    The set is in the Dansco 8166 album every hole filled.

    The album includes all business strike and proof (clad and silver) issues, the 1979 Type I and II (Filled and Clear S) Proofs, the SMS coins of the 60's, and both the proof and SMS silver clad (40%) strikes of the bicentennial issue.

    Then, in a generic Dansco half dollar album is also the 81 Type II proof, an UNC 74-D DDO, and as of today, an Accented Hair 1964 Proof.

    Finally, still in its original case, is the 1998S Matte proof as well.

    In total :

    158 coins
    65 Proof strikes
    25 struck in 90% Silver
    14 in 40% Silver
    5 "Major" varieties

    Hopefully, next day or so I'll have the chance to pull the camera out, and photograph the set and post a few pictures. the mean time...I just had to share. :b8nce:
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  3. blitzen

    blitzen Member

    Congrats! How long did it take? Was it a challenge?
  4. gboulton

    gboulton 7070 56.98 pct complete

    Took most of this year, and no, not really. Couple of the coins can take some effort to find at reasonable prices...especially raw...but none of them are terribly scarce or rare.

    The 98 Matte is the only one of the group that's 'tough" to acquire...and I brought most of that on myself by specifically wanting a NON slabbed example, in the original mint Kennedy Collectors Set. Not a whole bunch of them running around with all the original packaging and paperwork, and many of those that are available go at a significant markup over the value of the half itself.

    One "trick" I did learn is that if you're willing to do even a small amount of digging and shopping, you can frequently find the proof coins (even the silver proofs) in proof sets for the same price as, or even less than, the individual proof half from that year. That being the case, you can use the additional coins to offset some of the cost, by reselling busted out proof coins, adding silver proofs to your silver holdings, or what have you.
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