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Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by National dealer, May 29, 2004.

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    Here are at least some coin shows for Texas. I know it's huge, so I don't know which may apply to you:
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    Im having the same trouble,the links take you no where.Its frustrating.
  4. desertgem

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    This works , but I am not familiar with where N<S<E<W part starts or ends

    google coin club south austin texas

  5. ManfredNam

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    Coin clubs in Africa?? Are you kidding? My chances are better to play with a lion's tail.
  6. Prez2

    Prez2 Well-Known Member

    An update to my recent experiences with my local coin club. We have an 'auction' of sorts each meeting. People bring things that they want to sell to other members. Long story short is one gentleman elected to scoop up everything and anything that was silver and hogged the bidding. Anytime anyone bid against him, he simply upped his bid by a buck or two and successfully confiscated everything. Not much fun watching Joe Moneybags scoop up everything because he could. There are a couple other folks there that I enjoy the company of so I'll continue for now but again, not much fun for those with regular sized pockets. He seemed to relish the idea he could scoop everything against anyone else. It is what it is I suppose but again, if people feel the need to brag to somehow make themselves feel better then I think it deteriorates the hobby. The guy bought everything overpriced and I suppose that's his option and more power to him and those that sold the overpriced stuff but hey, it's not what I envisioned nor deem as 'fun'. I'm questioning whether I even need to engage in the hobby (other than privately and without intermixing with anyone else). I think I get more out of the hobby on a long and private basis. I keep wanting to find a way out of the constant worry with banging into somebody and spilling their champagne glass. It's just sad that you have to tread so carefully and are constantly trying to avoid saying the wrong thing or injuring somebody's ego. I don't know what has happened to the hobby. I guess it too is a product of the times. Oh well. End of my unpaid time rant for now.
  7. Prez2

    Prez2 Well-Known Member

    One last update to this thread. I attended my last coin club meeting last night. It just isn't my bag. Bunch of old men trying to dump their junk in the auction part of it (the only reason I even was attracted to it in the first place). Mix that in with a few bored dealers (I'm speculating on the bored part but can find little other reason for their attendance) and sprinkle in several idiots fighting over 50 cent bid increments and that's it. One gent sits up front and has to have everything personally repeated to him, shown to him before he outbids everybody else that might be interested his same interests and viola, you have the picture. Bunch of angry older guys with nothing better to do, trying to impress each other on how much they think they know. <sigh> Just not my bag. I pictured something better. Something of value. I asked this one gent who was offering a 'complete' set of circulated Lincoln cents (including the 1922!!). He voluntarily offered "That's a good nice set. It even has the 1922. Not the 22 everybody is looking for, only the 22d but still a nice set!". I declined interest in it. Upon bidding some asked specifically "Which 22 is in there?". He offered, "I don't even know. I haven't looked". Ugh. The set went unsold without a bid with the minimum bid being 29 dollars. He commented, "Geez, the holder is worth half of the minimum bid!". I can't take it. I scooped up 4 old editions of "US Coin Prices" from 2010 being offered for free and departed. This is the same gent (I think) that was trying to peddle the ANA memberships I asked about here in another thread. What a waste of unpaid time. I'm done. No wonder the hobby suffers so badly these days. That's that. I guess the moral of the story goes, 'If you enjoy bragging to your other buddies in your local coin club about your stuff then, by all means this is for you'. If that's not your bag or if you were hoping to possibly learn something, or something else then stay home and access the internet. Pat yourself on the back if need be but stay home. Very sad.
  8. Bambam8778

    Bambam8778 Well-Known Member

    Sorry that you had such a bad experience in your eyes. It's not like that everywhere and I can assure you that the hobby is not suffering like people think it is. It's actually evolving and some of that may be the stay at home, internet based collectors and there is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that. Do what you do, how you like to do it and we'll enjoy your company here on Coin Talk!
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  9. Prez2

    Prez2 Well-Known Member

    Been some time since I last posted on this topic and just reviewing past threads and decided to update once more. Haven't been to a meeting in several months now after losing interest there and in the hobby itself but feeling interested again. I may check out another meeting this month just to see if anything has changed. Third Monday of every month so it'll be a couple weeks yet but just thought I'd dabble once more. I think the last post by BamBam surmised it well enough and I can agree with his summation. Think the internet has played some role in the popularity of the hobby. I'm thinkin I may need to travel some and find another club to join (perhaps one a little further north than where I am now). I think being in the south here lends itself to many of the stereotypes you can imagine and that atmosphere (the good ole boys club if you will) itself creates the bad vibes I get from it. I'll continue to do what I do cause I can be no other way. Here's to hoping the rednecks have gone away and the whole meeting can elevate itself. I think I need to find the younger crowd. Seems all of the older folks (like myself) seem to already 'know everything'. Seems true here and in the real world. The negativity itself is enough to make one want to bail. Anyway, just a thought for the day. Wish me luck with the rednecks meeting and I'll update afterwards. Peace.
  10. desertgem

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    Sometimes clubs are worried about robbery or other crimes against the members at a meeting, so they don't publicize them. I didn't know there was a meeting just 20 miles from me, until someone did a newspaper article about a young girl member and I recognized the name of one of my former students, and forced my way in. So ask at the banks , they usually know the people who ask " Any strange or old coins in your tray", or "can I get 20 rolls of customer wrapped fifty cent pieces, etc", or the chamber of commerce~ they will out any club! Jim
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  11. Prez2

    Prez2 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Nice ideas!
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