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Discussion in 'Frequently Asked Questions' started by National dealer, May 29, 2004.

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    Here are at least some coin shows for Texas. I know it's huge, so I don't know which may apply to you:
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    Im having the same trouble,the links take you no where.Its frustrating.
  4. desertgem

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    This works , but I am not familiar with where N<S<E<W part starts or ends

    google coin club south austin texas

  5. ManfredNam

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    Coin clubs in Africa?? Are you kidding? My chances are better to play with a lion's tail.
  6. Prez2

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    An update to my recent experiences with my local coin club. We have an 'auction' of sorts each meeting. People bring things that they want to sell to other members. Long story short is one gentleman elected to scoop up everything and anything that was silver and hogged the bidding. Anytime anyone bid against him, he simply upped his bid by a buck or two and successfully confiscated everything. Not much fun watching Joe Moneybags scoop up everything because he could. There are a couple other folks there that I enjoy the company of so I'll continue for now but again, not much fun for those with regular sized pockets. He seemed to relish the idea he could scoop everything against anyone else. It is what it is I suppose but again, if people feel the need to brag to somehow make themselves feel better then I think it deteriorates the hobby. The guy bought everything overpriced and I suppose that's his option and more power to him and those that sold the overpriced stuff but hey, it's not what I envisioned nor deem as 'fun'. I'm questioning whether I even need to engage in the hobby (other than privately and without intermixing with anyone else). I think I get more out of the hobby on a long and private basis. I keep wanting to find a way out of the constant worry with banging into somebody and spilling their champagne glass. It's just sad that you have to tread so carefully and are constantly trying to avoid saying the wrong thing or injuring somebody's ego. I don't know what has happened to the hobby. I guess it too is a product of the times. Oh well. End of my unpaid time rant for now.
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