Faustina as with a left-facing bust

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    I am very happy to have won this at Heritage's latest auction. This variety with the left-facing bust is quite scarce and may have been struck with a single obverse die.

    It was struck under her father, Antoninus Pius, and bears the earliest form of obverse legend, FAVSTINAE AVG PII AVG FIL, dating it to AD 147-150. A right-facing bust is the usual form of the coin; this one has a left bust. It is not listed in Cohen (who does note a variety with a left-facing bust, but without the S C on the reverse; Cohen 259) nor in Sear. The British Museum has an example in their collection. Another example was sold by Numismatik Naumann Auction 72, lot 368 on February 3, 2019. I have not been able to find other examples online.

    They appear to have been struck with the same obverse die; in addition, mine is a double die-match to the Naumann example but not to the BMC specimen.

    Here's mine:

    Faustina Jr VENVS left bust as 2.jpg
    Faustina II, AD 147-175/6.
    Roman Æ as, 9.85 g, 26.0 mm, 6 h.
    Rome, AD 147-150.
    Obv: FAVSTINAE AVG PII AVG FIL, Bust of Faustina II, draped, with band of pearls, left.
    Rev: VENVS S C, Venus standing right, drawing veil from shoulder with right hand and holding up apple in left hand.
    Refs: RIC 1410b (l.); BMCRE 2165; Cohen --; Sear --.

    The BMC specimen:

    Faustina Jr VENVS left bust as BMC.jpg

    The Naumann example:

    Faustina Jr VENVS left bust as Naumann.jpg
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    Nice, can't recall seeing to many of her's with left facing bust, first look seemed weird. Congrats rare for sure.
  4. shanxi

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    That's nice. The Naumann example is mine now and your coin is therefore a die match with mine. :) Always good to find a die match.

    But the color of the Naumann picture is a little misleading, it's more brown.

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    How cool is that?!
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    I don't know why, but it always catches me off-guard when there is a left facing bust. Great looking coins btw :)
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    Nice left-facing Faustina II. Like this one with Venus on the reverse. :happy:
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    Thats pretty cool. Congrats!
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