Extra, Extra, read all about it: Extra horned Bison

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Errorcoins, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. Errorcoins

    Errorcoins Senior Member

    Another awesome error coin found.

    A new Bison Error Variety just discovered.

    "Extra Horn Bison"

    Very cool.

    Would you rather have a wisconson quarter with an extra leaf or a Bison nickel with an extra Horn?????
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  3. Spider

    Spider ~

  4. Errorcoins

    Errorcoins Senior Member

    LOL ...soon..... building up anticipation!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Errorcoins

    Errorcoins Senior Member

    Ok I'll explain it. What if the mint wanted to show a second horn on the Bison? Well the variety I just found has a "Horn" exactly were it should be and Is the exact right Size, Perfect!!!

    It could be a die crack, scratch, or gouge. The exact same error is on numerous coins.

    I'm only finding 1 to 3 per roll so this could very well be very rare.
  6. crystalk64

    crystalk64 Knight of the Coin Table

    I may be very interested in your find! Once a buffalo hunter, always a buffalo hunter!
  7. OldDan

    OldDan 共和党

    Gosh Errorcoin, you may have found a greater "error " coin that you think you have. Especiall if what you say about the position of the second horn happens to be true.

    It has been my experience that Buffalo grow their horns on each side of their head, in approx. the same position. That being a fact, would mean that either you have found a coin with the Buffalo looking right at you, or else it has turned all the way around and is facing to the left. Either that or you are pulling our legs and happen to have some coin with damage to the area of he Buffalo;s head.

    Either way, you got a winner.....[​IMG]
  8. Errorcoins

    Errorcoins Senior Member

    A photo of the coin.........

  9. Errorcoins

    Errorcoins Senior Member

    I think it lines up nicely. It looks real. It's NOT a stretch!!!!!
  10. leatherface

    leatherface New Member

    thats very interesting, i would much rather have the bison than the corn
  11. Steve E

    Steve E New Member

    Give me the corn! There are so many so called "errors" on the Bison's that pretty soon the regular strikes will be rarer than the error coins. Let's see, we still haven't seen the 2-headed, 2-tailed, 5 legged Bison yet. Maybe they're saving it to last. I currently have over 300 error coins in my collection but I'm not to excited over ALL the bison errors that are popping up, just way too many to call them "rare" yet. I read where you are finding 1-3 per roll, not rare at all when it comes to error coins. What would a 1944 D/S OMM#1 or 1955 DDO#1 Lincolns be worth if you found 1-3 per roll?
  12. Spider

    Spider ~

    how come it doesnt show the pic on my computer?
  13. justforthis06

    justforthis06 New Member

    I dont see it either.
  14. miker

    miker New Member

    All I see is an invisible bison. But it does have two horns. Maybe its my medication.
  15. Errorcoins

    Errorcoins Senior Member

    SORRY ABOUT LOSING THE PHOTOS.....Someone STOLE MY PHOTOS of a COIN off of EBAY and used it to to post a WHLOE BUNCH of auctions. Really ****ED me OFF. DUH, I FORGOT TO COPYRIGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT STILL...Don't STEAL peoples PHOTOS.................So NOW I HAVE REPOSTED the images with COPYRIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!
  16. cdb1950

    cdb1950 Senior Member

    This 'extra horn' looks very much like the same die damage as the 'double speared' Jefferson in an earlier thread. The folks at the mint must be getting real careless with their die maintenance to allow this same type of damage to obverse and reverse dies. Must be a rough spot in the polish wheel...??
  17. Errorcoins

    Errorcoins Senior Member

    A six month issue with a super popular design. Why Not COLLECT varieties?????? Down to about 1 about roll and yes that's rare. Many, many other errors come at a greater fequency than that. Plus I had A limited source. You find any Cool Errors on the BISON? You see any other extra horn bisons around??? Rare??? Could be???

    Speared Bison is real
    Speared Bison "P" is real
    Detatched Leg is Real
    This IS REAL:

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  18. Steve E

    Steve E New Member

    I love to see all the varieties that are popping up. They are fun to find and look at but my idea of a rare error is a little different. I used to search every coin I got my hands on and it was common to find die chips, cracks, gouges, filled, cuds, machine doubling, clashes, etc.. These varieties show up way too often, always have and always will, and that is why they don't bring high values at the table (unless someone is crazy enough to get them from ebay) there are exceptions but most are still considered common errors. I filled a 60 pocket coin book in 2 weeks with machine doubled quarters that I found just in pocket change. If I kept up I would need a safe the size of my room to store all the neat little varieties I was finding and yes, buying. That is when I decided to switch to more rare varieties and errors that will always guarantee a premium for my investment. I just finished searching through 70 rolls of 1944 D Lincolns that my father stashed away back in the late 40's and this last hoard of rolls produced 2 D/S OMM#1. 2 out of 3500 coins, that is what I consider rare and that is why they're priced around $400 each.
  19. Speedy

    Speedy Researching Coins Supporter

    That can't be a horn...a Buff horn points up...(like the one on this side) if you look at the die crack the horn would be A: A lot longer than the other and B: it would be pointed in the wrong way.

    I would much rather have a nice BU Peace dollar than some of these "errors" on modern coins.

  20. OldDan

    OldDan 共和党

    NO! And neither do you. To call this a "horn" is like calling a lump of mud a castle. It just don't make the grade.

    Now if you are seeing horns on this Buffalo, then you are drinking stronger liquid than they have in these parts. So what you are drinking may be of more value than the nickel. See what I mean?
  21. Errorcoins

    Errorcoins Senior Member

    Why you so Grumpy?

    You don't like my finds well so what.

    This is a real error and it has GREAT EYE APPEAL, which is very important in error coins, but you obviously don't "collect Error Coins" so lighten up!!!!!!!!

    I do collect these varieties and I am insulted by your commets.
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