EXONUMIA: Banco Hipotecario Nacional-Sucursal Corrientes 12-22-1927

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    fullsizeoutput_2349.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1f9c.jpeg

    Radiused edge, without mark; 3½ X 2¼ X ~.200 inches; ~169 grams; Bronze.
    Obverse: Seated woman, Winged Wheel, 2-Storey Corner Building.
    Reverse: Names & Titles of Principals, Directors & Managers;
    At bottom right: Gottuzzo & Piana.
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  3. lordmarcovan

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    Nice Art Deco piece! I like it.
  4. cpm9ball

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    May I suggest that you use the "Full Image" option instead of the "Thumbnail"? It's makes it easier for us to enlarge the image.

  5. wlwhittier

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    Sorry, Chris...I thought there was strong suggestion to use thumbnails when I joined, so that's my usual practice. I wonder if I can change that option retroactively? I'll give it a shot. wlw

    Apparently not. I'll use full images in future posts. wlw
  6. lordmarcovan

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    Fixed it for ya. :)
  7. wlwhittier

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    I'm REALLY impressed...both at the magnification available with a click on the large image...and that you were able to switch the format from thumbnail!

    I looked at several of my earlier posts, and didn't even find where I could edit them.

    Is this a secret for administrators/moderators only...or is it something allowed by all the rest of us, down here on the ground?

    In any case...Thank You!! wlw
  8. lordmarcovan

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    Editing more than 24 hours after the fact is a moderator power, but if there's ever a post you want to edit, just use the "report" button.

    Aside from the edit period having expired, there is nothing I just did there that you yourself couldn't have done.

    As a test, post a reply here and attach an image. Right after you attach the picture, but before you click the final "reply" button, note the options it gives you for thumbnail versus full image.

    Then, after you post it, if you wanted to, you could practice going back and editing to change the picture back to a thumbnail, and back again to full size, since your editing privileges will not have expired yet on the test post.

    In any event, I or one of the other mods would usually be happy to fix something like that for you, or extend your editing privileges so you can change it yourself. Just flag it with the "report" button.
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  9. wlwhittier

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    Excellent counsel, good sir...and Thanks! wlw
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