Exhibit: Wild Mustangs Stampeding: Photographed Summer of 2008

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by mrbrklyn, Jan 2, 2009.

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    Not to long ago, Doug Prather put up a petition, listed below, which ask for a change in coinage designs in the U.S, and change in the law. The petition had some positive results as Congress enacted several changes to the coinage including the Westward Nickels and the States Quarters program that began in 1999.


    The State Quarter program had generated many new coin ideas, not all of them that good, but some of them have worthy artistic designs. One of my favorites was the unexpected entry from Nevada which included Wild Mustangs running towards the viewer in full gallop.


    The Image made appropriate use of new minting methods with a well balanced imagery of 3 horses rotating toward the view from profile to 3/4 view, with the Sierra Nevada mountains in the backdrop and a symbolic sun setting just beyond the range. Wild plants native to the state were artistically planted on each side of the coin, echoing back the US tradition of wreaths which date back to our earliest coinage and E Pluribus Unum tucked under the date, giving a circular frame to the Image.

    Although Horses are an invasive species in North America, it still retains great symbolism for the republic, associated with Westward Expansion, Ranching, Law Enforcement, the Pony Express and the Romanticism of the Cowboy.

    The image produced is derived from the Nevada State Quarter reverse and gives the thundering affect of stampeding horses which make the ground shake. For added affect the image is a reverse of the original coinage and the geometric break up of the sides of the coin appropriately shake the viewers focus, imitating the sense of bewildering vision if one might be in the presence of such horse in the open field, or if riding upon a mount themselves amidst such a group of stallions.

    The image was caught with a Sony Cybershot Digital Camera using the Macro setting with the Zeis Lense, and manipulated in the GIMP.

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    That's one of my favorite designs as well :) I also like the buffalos. :D
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    Such as the Kansas Buffalo?

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  5. 4largecents

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    Yes, the Kansas buffalo for sure. I collect anything with a buffalo, I have a den full of buffalo statues, and one giant buffalo print.:goofer:
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    Very interesting. The Nevada quarter was one of my favorites.
  7. USS656

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    I like the first picture Ruben - this would have won my enhanced digital photo contest I ran a while back. Nice effect and interesting post although I knew much about Doug's efforts you did a really good job talking about some of the results of his hard work.
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    I am very pleased that you like the Art!
    Gimp Gimp Gimp!

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    Exhibit 4th Place Winner (not qualified) 165 point total

    Exhibit: Wild Mustangs Stampeding: Photographed Summer of 2008 http://www.cointalk.com/forum/t45668/

    Art    Edu   Nuim   FrSt   Total    Grand Total
    8  	8  	8  	10  	34    	165
    10 	3 	7 	10 	30 	
    10 	10 	5 	10 	35 	
    9 	6 	7 	10 	32 	
    8 	8 	8 	10 	34 	
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    which state quarter is that?
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