Exhibit: Half Cents - 1804 - January 1st 2009 - Fish

Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Fish, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. mikenoodle

    mikenoodle The Village Idiot

    one of the finest posts I have ever seen!!! thanks for sharing!!!
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  3. Fish

    Fish Half Cent Nut

    I already have just such a site - and then some - under development. It has been for some time, but I have a seven-month-old and a house that needs a lot of work. Still, the data model is pretty much complete and some of the data validation code is as well. Still, there is a lot of work to be done.
  4. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    Are you Shlomie Fish?

  5. Speedy

    Speedy Researching Coins Supporter

    I can't see all of the pic's since I'm on slow internet but what I read was good!

  6. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    I need to fix that for you some day..

  7. rzage

    rzage What Goes Around Comes Around .

    Great thread thanks .
  8. Boss

    Boss Coin Hoarder

    Amazing thread. I don't collect these but I do collect large cents (recently started) from 1847-1857 and am curoius about the EDS rerferences and this helped me understand the issue better re: rusted dies, polished, erroded dies. Well, written post!! Thanks for taking the time to educate everyone on this topic.
  9. mralexanderb

    mralexanderb Coin Collector

    Quite interesting and well done.

  10. LSM

    LSM Collector

    Fish, great post! Very interesting and educational. Thank you!!!

  11. ksparrow

    ksparrow Coin Hoarder Supporter

    A very well put-together piece of research, fascinating reading- thanks!
  12. ikandiggit

    ikandiggit Currency Error Collector

    Very impressive!!! It was so informative and presented so succinctly. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.:thumb:
  13. Lehigh96

    Lehigh96 Toning Enthusiast


    Did I hear you mention a prize for second and third place, because there ain't no way I am in first anymore. I would be happy to take the bronze medal behind Fish and Drusus.

    Phenomenal Post that belongs in the Hall of Fame. BTW, what happened to all of the threads in the Hall of Fame, they are all gone.
  14. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    I'm thinking about it if I can find prizes. Would you take a picture of a toned coin in a frame :) That's an idea actually. I might add that to the prizes anyway.

    I noticed that the Hall of Fame is reset. There was a post by Clembo that had nearly a 100 nominations which was basically a "Why Coin Talk is Great and Changed My Life" thread. Despite that description, it was a brillant thread.

    In truth, I wish I could give everyone a prize. I also hope for world peace, and good will to Jews in their land, a trip to Mars in my lifetime, and the end of global warming.

  15. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    Or....maybe we can print and bind the entire museum and give it out as prizes.

  16. Fish

    Fish Half Cent Nut

    No, though I get asked that a lot. I think it's the beard.
  17. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    He seems to be a PIA in Baylug so how many active GNU people are there with the name Fish :)

  18. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

    it makes you want to collect half cents
  19. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

  20. mrbrklyn

    mrbrklyn New Member

  21. Leadfoot

    Leadfoot there is no spoon

    Great thread!
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