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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by 1934 Wreath Crown, Apr 9, 2020.

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    About 3 weeks ago I was feeling very depressed seeing people falling ill all over the globe and many dying well before their time. All business activity and cash inflow drying up and a very uncertain future awaiting many of us. Much of that hasn't changed but we all are praying that God (for those who believe) or Mother Nature will be kind to us.

    Yes, the ozone appears to be healing itself, air quality has improved and animals have been seen roaming streets where once there were traffic jams but, in all this adversity for mankind, many of us still need to find ways to pay bills and put food on the table for our near and dear ones.

    After some deliberation, I decided to revisit my collection. I found that I had acquired many coins which although nice, were no longer special and had been acquired at various times without proper direction. Most of these were AV and since gold has been quite strong and gaining in strength (it seems), I decided to take this opportunity to liquidate some of my collection and either upgrade or move into new areas of collecting.

    I've already sold one batch of 13 coins and have identified another 50 or so which I will sell over the coming weeks. Some of this money I used to acquire high value rare/scarce coins and I'm planning to use the rest and make it work for me rather than just sit in a cabinet or safe. Here's a selection of what I purchased.....Hope you like my acquisitions. As an old friend and colleague always said.....If life deals you a lemon, make lemonade.

    Well I'm trying but hopefully I didn't buy lemons:

    France 1786-T gold Louis XVI d'Or MS64 (an upgrade on my MS61)

    1786 Louis D'Or Obv MS64.jpg

    1786 Louis D'Or Rev MS64.jpg

    Great Britain 1817 sovereign (first year of the resurrection of the sovereign) AU50

    1817 GB Sovereign Obv.jpg

    1817 GB Sovereign Rev.jpg

    My personal favourite of the bunch, a 1664 Charles II 2 guineas, Elephant mint-mark below bust in XF45 . A very rare and hard to find issue:

    1664 GB 2 Guineas Elephant Obv.jpg

    1664 GB 2 Guineas Elephant Rev.jpg

    I also acquired a GB 1989 1/2 sovereign in PF70UC and a Russia 1902 5 rouble in MS67. Both are very popular these days and I'm thinking of flipping these in the short term

    1989 Sov PF70UC Obv.jpg

    1989 Sov PF70UC Rev.jpg

    1902 Russia 5 Rouble MS67 Obv.jpg

    1902 Russia 5 Rouble MS67 Rev.jpg
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  3. panzerman

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    Great thread, Wreath Crown!

    I have done some upgrades in last twenty years, presently I could not part with any of my coins. You have done some nice upgrades:) I finally got back to work, and will try to work full tilt to make a wad of cash for future auctions. I am always broke from buying too many coins. I am finally past 900 AV coins heading for the big 1000 plateau.
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  4. QuintupleSovereign

    QuintupleSovereign Well-Known Member

    Love the 1817; reminds me of my highly worn 1819 crown with the same reverse.
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