Europa Abduction

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by 7Calbrey, Mar 6, 2021.

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    The Phoenician Myth tells that the Greek god Zeus was disguised in the shape of a bull and came to Sidon-Phoenicia where he abducted Europa, sister of Kadmos. He drove her to an area which gave her name to the European continent.
    The following coin was struck under Augustus Caesar in 27 BC. Reverse shows Europa, veiled and riding or being held by a bull charging left. She's raising possibly a mantel with her hand. The coin weighs 13.48 g.
    RPC 4609.
    EuropAug O.JPG EuropAugS R.JPG
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  3. ancient coin hunter

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    Interesting coin - thanks for the share. Europa also became a moon of Jupiter.
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  4. Alegandron

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    Cool AE, @7Calbrey !

    I have a Denarius of the Republic with Europa reverse:

    RR Valerius Acisculus AR Denarius 45 BCE Apollo star Europa bull S 469 Cr 474-1
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  5. dougsmit

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    Augustus Amphipolis - Europa is distinguished by the arched drape over her head.
  6. Sulla80

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    I'll add a tetradrachm with Europa on the reverse. The letter spacing on this coin is not what is seen in Prieur. Sidon is named for King Sidon son of Canaan, mentioned in Genesis 10.1-32 in the genealogy of Noah after the flood.

    Adding to the OP story: Europa, daughter of King Agenor of Tyre was taken by Zeus, disguised as a bull, to the shores of the continent of Europe (before it was named). Sidon had a large template dedicated to Europa, built in Phoenician style, with two large columns in front.

    Sidon was a place of gardens, orchards, and parks. paradeisos derives from a Persian word for a park and is the origin of our word Paradise.
    Caracalla Europa Tet.jpg
    Phoenicia, Sidon, Caracalla, AD 198-217, AR Tetradrachm, struck AD 215-217
    Obv: AVT KAI ANTωNINOC CЄ, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right
    Rev: ΔHMAPX ЄΞ VΠATOC T Δ, Eagle standing facing, head and tail left, with wings spread, holding wreath in beak; between legs, Europa on bull, holding billowing veil, to right
    Ref: Prieur 1357 (letter spacing different on this coin)

    It is interesting to see the price history (2004-2021) for the 23 specimens of this type that are labeled as Prieur 1357 in ACSearch (other examples exist). Price X Year
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  7. Cucumbor

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    The cheapest way to get a coin featuring Europa is the Greece 2 euro coin. Price : 2 euro !

    Grece 2 euros.jpg

    :) Q
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  8. 7Calbrey

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    I have to admit that she has grown too much prettier after all those long centuries.
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