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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by jlblonde, Aug 7, 2011.

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    Since the late 1980's, I've been studying the occult, secret societies, and general symbolism in ancient and modern societies. I assume we are all familiar with the American dollar and so forth, but not much has been mentioned about coinage. I'd like to introduce this discussion to help me further my research and eventually publish my thesis on the subject.

    Basically, "Who, What, Where, How and Why" were these images placed on coins. Do coins actually reflect man's (human's) image of himself, his ideas, his accomplishments and his destiny or are they just coincidence? Is there a push to influence thought by subliminal symbolism? Are the coins and currency we carry in our pockets, wallets, and purses a kind of symbolic good luck charm? Or is it a means of keeping us initiated on the lowest degrees of some secret knowledge without our knowing about it?

    We tend to put a lot of emphasis on other forms of art such as sculptures, music, paintings and the like, but I believe the art on money of all types actually represents man at his current state of thought in which ever time period we find him in.



    Coin from Paraguay. Lion of Judah with a Phrygian cap on a pike. circa 1950's
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  3. jlblonde

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    Some more examples:

    Mexico 1.jpg Mexico 3.jpg Mexico 4.jpeg

    The same Phrygian cap can also be found on these coins from Mexico.

    *Note the sun ray behind the cap.
  4. jlblonde

    jlblonde Señor Member

    Here's the French Marianne (Liberty) wearing the Phrygian cap.

    France 2.jpg France 3.jpg
  5. jlblonde

    jlblonde Señor Member

    Here's two more with the cap:

    Nicaragua 1.jpg US 1.jpg

    A coin from Nicaragua and the US Morgan dollar.
  6. goossen

    goossen Senior Member

    The Phrygian cap is featured on the coats of arms of many American countries, like Nicaragua, El Salvador, Argentina, Colombia, Haiti, Cuba, Bolivia.

    In Paraguay is not part of the coat of arms but the "Seal of Estate" (Escudo de Hacienda in spanisch). Some translations say "Seal of Supreme Court" but I'm not sure if it's correct.
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