Ends Friday 5/8 - Excellent mix of Greek and Roman Ancients

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    Last big sale for a while, as most of my new sale inventory is stuck in COVID limbo.

    Sale ends Friday, 5/8 at about 3:30 PM EST and goes for about two hours with lots ending every two minutes or so! All lots start at 99 cents, and most lots are still under $5!


    Some highlights/favorites:

    An assortment of chunky bronzes, mostly featuring Medusa's head set on the Aegis of Athena, all dating from the wars fought between Mithradates VI of Pontus and the Roman Republic under Sulla et al.

    A bronze coin of Amyntas, king of Galatia, said to bear the portrait of Cleopatra VII as the goddess Artemis

    The Emperor who never was! Germanicus is perhaps best known as being the general who recovered the lost eagles from the Teutoburg Forest, only to die under mysterious circumstances, possibly at the machinations of Sejanus. He was honored extensively by his son Caligula and brother Claudius, but this is a rare issue from his own lifetime, as Caesar under his uncle Tiberius

    A very regal portrait of none other than the famous Marcus Aurelius

    The famous right-hand man of Augustus, Marcus Agrippa, here honored more than 50 years after his death by his grandson Caligula

    A popular denarius type of Vespasian, AVGVR TRI POT with the pontificial implements of the Roman religion

    A denarius many of you have seen here, as it was recently upgraded out of my collection - Domitian from his last year of reign with a particularly striking portrait

    An exquisite bust of Constantius I "Chlorus", the father of Constantine the Great

    The infamous Nero on a chunky bronze provincial from Caria, here featured as a young teenager (ca. 12-16 years old) under his stepdad Claudius

    Of the utmost cultural significance if not historical, this silver drachm was minted by Strato III, the last king of the Indo-Greeks, who were incidentally the last free Hellenistic kingdom. With his death in about 10 AD, the Hellenistic age officially came to an end.

    And who doesn't love some fun lots?

    This one I had put together for a potential customer on Facebook, to jump start a collection of ancients, particularly with a focus on coins with a Biblical connection. Includes a nice Alexander the Great drachm, assorted coins of major rulers who were in power between 0 - 33 AD (Including Augustus, Tiberius, Wang Mang, Azes, and Rajuvula), as well as Nabataean and Judaean coins and assorted Roman coins, plus one Crusade era silver tram from Cilician Armenia, an important Christian ally to the Crusaders as they made their way to Jerusalem.

    Not one but 23 extremely early archaic drachms of Parion in Asia Minor, featuring a snarling Gorgon, minted about 500 BC!

    A large lot of Crusade-era coins, mostly from Cilician Armenia, but also a few contemporary Islamic coins as well - the large bronze coins are mostly copper Tanks of Levon I and Hetoum, and are about 30mm wide!

    And plenty more, so be sure to take a look!

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