Ends 3/22 - A charming selection of archaic Greek silvers

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    A little shopping fun while you're on quarantine/"social isolation!"

    Most coins are Greek silver fractions, used in Archaic times as daily spending money and/or small change. Includes some bronze coins as well. Listings end every minute or so, starting at about 4:30 PM EST on sunday.



    Troas (Troy), Abydos, featuring a Gorgon from 480 BC

    A rare diobol from Elaia featuring Athena facing Right, rather than left as normal

    A small obol from Judaea or Gaza as a Persian province, but imitating the coinage of Athens (there are several more besides this one!)

    An itty bitty tetartemorion (1/4 obol) from Ionia, featuring an unusually nice archaic style bust, predating classical Greek art as a discipline!

    An attractive coin from Mesembria in Thrace, featuring a Corinthian helmet - The diobol with a wheel reverse is common and popular, but this is a rare obol dating from about 500 BC

    Likewise, the hemidrachms from Chersonesos in Thrace are a common and popular type, but the archaic smaller fractions are quite rare - this one is a Hemiobol dating from about 515 BC

    Several beatuiful archaic diobols from Lampsakos, featuring an unidentified two-headed goddess, and Athena

    Not quite the famous Shekel of Tyre, but an obol from the Achaemenid period, ca. 355 BC, featuring a Hippocamp

    Another itty bitty tetartemorion from Antioch on the Meander, one of only about 5 known!

    An enigmatic obol from Cilicia as an Achaemenid satrap, featuring either Herakles, or a satrap in the demigod's likeness

    A rare obol of Hecatomnus, the father of Maussolus (395-377 BC), whose Mausoleum became one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This is one of the earliest coins ever to feature the portrait of a sitting monarch!

    Because I don't know how to properly set end dates on my auction, a fun lot of 20 bronze Roman coins, mostly from the dynasty of Constantine the great - Featuring some nice examples of the Fallen Horseman and Emperor Dragging Barbarian from Hut series. Great starter collection if you've been thinking about Romans, and currently less than $2 per coin!
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