Ended Thanks! - Complete set of Liberty "V" Nickels $400

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    SOLD! Thank you!

    These are mine that I assembled many years ago. This is a very typical set of circulated V Nickels that you might find for sale anywhere but I think my price is quite fair.
    I had this at a recent coin show but it was in an album on the table.
    Had I put it out in the case, it would have gotten more exposure. I don't think anyone even opened that binder all day.

    The three main coins 1885, 1886 and 1912S have the original ANACS photo grades. I blacked out my name with a marker on the cards.

    These are from the pre-slab days of professional grading. Probably late 70's.
    You can see they are low grade but genuine.



    The rest of the coins are pretty much better than the keys. There is a free 1913 replica that does not have copy stamped on it from China at the end of the set.
    Shipping is free to the contingent 48 US States.
    I take check or MO only.

    I believe I priced this right but if you think I am asking too much, make a reasonable offer. Contact me by starting a conversation.

    No returns or refunds, sorry. If you need better pictures I could give it a try and post in conversations.

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