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    eBay- Completed Listings -

    The link is for searching the completed auctions to find out the realized prices for a given coin. To use this eBay function you must be an ebay member, but registration is free and easy to do. The link will bring you to a page with links for coins from all countries - just click on the link for the country of your choice, enter your search terms on the new page and your on your way.

    eBay - Completed Listings


    Toolhaus.org -

    This link will take you to a web site where you can search for all negative or neutral feedback for a given eBay member. It can come in quite handy if you are trying to the determine the reputation of a given buyer or seller. Be aware though, Feedback is in no way a guarantee of perfomance either way. It merely provides you with an indication of past performance.



    How to Avoid Coin Fraud on eBay

    "Coin fraud on eBay is common. Because eBay provides minimal protection against numismatic fraud, or other fraud, you're largely on your own. Avoid eBay auctions from sellers you don't know in which the seller keeps his own feedback private, in which he prevents you from contacting other bidders, or in which he has suddenly begun to sell expensive items when by looking at his feedback you see he has previously only bought items or sold inexpensive or unrelated items.[/b]

    How to AvoidCoin Fraud on eBay


    Search eBay - coins

    Search eBay - Coins
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