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    Hey all!

    I have some coins I had listed tonight on my eBay store. They will be ran for 7 days auction style with no reserve and all low starts. The list will be added with some pictures as well as the link to my eBay store if you are interested in taking a look. Have a great rest of your night and a great week ahead!

    -1964-D Roosevelt Dime beautiful toning.
    -1954 Roosevelt Dime beautiful toning.
    -1810 Large cent.
    -1930-S SLQ beautiful toning.
    -1918-S SLQ beautiful toning.
    -1819/09 Large Cent.
    -1953 Proof Franklin.
    -1810 Large Cent.
    -1921-D Walking Liberty Half.
    1909-S LWC.
    -1807 Draped Bust Quarter.
    -1894-O Morgan.


    EF3B5299-668E-468E-815D-6AFD15969DF9.jpeg E0C05AA3-B128-4742-B80A-FCE44217A4EA.jpeg B6298936-5D74-4D90-B654-4156FA253E05.jpeg 5DA63D46-D273-40C5-87F1-843683B48BCD.jpeg 5450AA51-1146-4031-B84D-4F56B1FE1E3C.jpeg 4A006C26-89B1-4AA9-AB66-A290BA4C4D06.jpeg 9964B660-4567-49CC-8B10-D4F8046FC3F2.jpeg 4E6ED44D-8BBF-4308-8549-5B95EA4208E1.jpeg FCAA1F09-17B0-4656-822B-D69DAA8D36B9.jpeg 6C67014A-1DCA-4BE5-B745-960570436087.jpeg
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