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    Good morning! Hope everyone is having a pleasant weekend.

    I'm putting together an auction for August 27th on AuctionZip - will have some great US/World Coins (plus a ton of other stuff.) Here is an early preview of some of the auction items:








    Also, I have a couple consignments running on eBay this week, please take a moment to check them out (links in titles):

    Canada - 1935 Dime
    (Key Date - Mintage of 384,000)

    Canada - 1935 10 Cents.jpg

    China - 1990 Silver Proof 10 Yuan (Phoenix & Dragon)
    (Mintage of 12,000; includes OGP/COA)

    China - 1990 10 Yuan (Phoenix).jpg
    I have also begun listing auctions through CoinZip - so if you'd like to check out this week's auctions (small cents plus a couple toned coins) visit this LINK. Auctions end next Sunday. ​

    Here is a gorgeous 1971 D Lincoln Memorial Cent that's in this group:

    1971 D Lincoln Cent.jpg
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