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    Good evening all (or morning, depending on your location)

    In chronological order,

    eBay: I have a series of auctions on eBay ending this weekend - includes some gorgeously toned 1885 Morgan dollars (including the ones I posted here earlier)

    AuctionZip: I have ALSO been working on an auction for November 19. Have plenty of US Type coins (Large Cents including an 1802 and an 1803 starting CHEAP, IHC including a few 1864 pointed bust and a couple 1869, 2 cent pieces including one with 180 degree die rotation mint error, Shield/Liberty/Buffalo Nickels, Seated/Barber silver, Standing Liberty Quarters, Proof/Mint Sets, a couple 1921 S WL Halves and a 1916 D OBV MM WL Half, UNC Wheat Cents, 1932D Washington Quarter Lowball, 1934 Washington Quarters, more), graded US Moderns, silver rounds, plus some tokens, medals, SCD, and PLENTY of world coins including UNC silver Mexican Pesos starting at $2/each, bags of Euro coins, British pounds, Aussie Dollars, a nice pile of German silver from the early 1800's all the way to modern 5/10 Mark Commemoratives. Plus I'll be adding some more over the next week, as my car decided it needs some first aid at the moment and coins don't get me anywhere.

    And that's just my stuff (auctioneer has plenty of silver dollars and bullion plus US junk silver listed already.)

    AuctionZip link:

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