Eastern Celts Imitation of Lysimachos AE with Odessos Countermark

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    I've been working through a lot of unattributed countermarked ancients (rather unsuccessfully) and found this one which I thought was kind of interesting, if not especially attractive.

    It is an Eastern Celtic imitative issue of Lysimachos of Thrace with a countermark of a reclining river god (Theos Megas?) issued by (apparently) Odessos. I found several of these online (acsearch, Vcoins) so they appear to be fairly common. Some are actually cruddier than mine.

    The real jackpot was this very informative article, ""Official" city coins and "barbarous" tribal coins - Lysimachos Lion." This site didn't seem to have a homepage that worked, so I cannot cite (or praise) the author - if it is a CTer, please step forward and accept a round of applause from me! http://rg.ancients.info/lion/lysimachos.html

    Here is mine -

    CM - Lysimachos river god reclining Nov 2019 (0).jpg
    CM - Lysimachos river god reclining Nov 2019 (0aaadet).jpg

    Eastern Celts Æ 18
    Imitation of Lysimachos (Thrace)
    countermarked for Odessos
    (c. 297-250 B.C.)

    Helmeted head of Athena (youth?) right / Blundered legend, lion leaping right, spearhead below.
    Countermark: River god (Odessos/Theos Megas?) reclining left, Δ below in 9 x 7 mm oval.
    (4.04 grams / 18 mm)

    I'd love to see and know more, so please share.
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