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Discussion in 'World Coins' started by Nathan F, Apr 6, 2020.

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    C18A1BB8-0F4E-4327-8105-661F76DF901F.jpeg 020FF624-35A2-4A40-BA4A-9054478C3E2C.jpeg B32E979D-E418-4B3A-B09B-680048A19C27.jpeg 7BC2F6BE-9771-49E9-8011-25653AF206C4.jpeg Hi, I just bought these and know the first is a James I shilling and the other is a Edward I penny. However I notice that other ones online have more info(mint, more specific date range than just ruler). Thus I would really appreciate any input in regards to this. If you have an idea of value as well please share. Thanks in advance!
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    First one as you say is James 1st Shilling, Second Coinage, mintmark Coronet dating it to 1607-09. I believe it is S2655 in the Spink book as the hair is shorter than the S2656. Book price is £70 in Fine - yours is less than that.

    Second coin is Edward I Penny - I believe S1385, Class 2a but I find these very difficult to distinguish! London mint. Book price in Fine is £20 - yours is better than that in some places, but worse in others, so it would depend what view any buyer took on it.
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