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    I just added some Arabic/Islamic coins to my website of ancient coins for sale:
    They are on the "Byzantine" page at the top:

    I don't usually have Arabic coins for sale and I don't know them well. So, I went to vcoins and tried to make sure mine were priced much lower than any comparable coins found there. Some are in excellent condition "for type". Here are images. See the site for prices, how to order, and shipping costs.

    JitalNasirAdBinMuhammed07203.jpg Fatamid07199.jpg AyyubidMesopotamiaAlMuzaffarGhazi7286.jpg AyyubidAlZahirGhazi07205.jpg MamlukAlZahiurSayfAlDinJaqmaq07202.jpg MamlukBaybars7260.jpg MoghalEmpireJalalAlDinAkbar07206.jpg
    The above coin SOLD.
    MoghulEmpire1dam07197.jpg UmayyidFalsc700AD7253.jpg UmayyidRamla7255.jpg
    The above coin SOLD

    If you don't collect such coins, you can find many regular Roman, Greek, and Byzantine coins there as well:

    Thanks for looking.
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