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    Need some scratch for a few planned purchases; trying my luck here before these go on ebay. I prefer Paypal friends & family, can accept check or money order. I am wading through the rarities of a Roman portrait collection - If you have a pre-Sabina wife (excluding Agrippina II and Poppaea), Pescennius Niger, Gordian I or II, or a usurper of the Tetrarchy or Theodosian periods, I am open to trade - just message me for details!

    These are all sourced from bulk lots of major auction houses and are types that have historically fetched very high prices - too high to allow them to go for just whatever on ebay! Prices are open to some negotiation, but I hope you will find them all to be quite reasonable.

    Thrace, Cherronesos
    AR Diobol (1.24g), 500-480 BC
    Forepart of lion right, head turned left, paw raised
    Rude quadrupartite incuse
    Sear 1350

    Both older and far more scarce than the popular hemidrachms that everyone knows and loves. Good for a dedicated collector of the series, or of archaic Greek in general.

    Pamphylia? Uncertain mint
    AR hemiobol 9mm, 0.42g
    Obv: Female bust (Artemis?) right, hair in bun
    Rev: Triskeles
    Unpublished, about 5 known from recent auctions
    For others:
    This one has a peculiar bust and clothing style, and may be an earlier emission.

    Ionia, Phokaia?
    c. 525-500 BC
    AR Hemiobol (4x6mm, 0.37g)
    Head of seal(?) right
    Quadrupartite incuse
    Attribution is my best guess for now; It sure looks like a seal, but the style is not right for Phokaia. It could be a little later, or I could be way off base?

    Kyme, Aeolis
    AR Trihemiobol (12mm, 1.34g)
    Eagle head left, KY before
    Incuse textured quadrupartite "Mill-sail"
    Unpublished; apparently unique
    Aiolis kyme trihemiobol eagle incuse.jpg
    Ex Roma 31/115 (£1,300; unsold) https://www.sixbid.com/browse.html?...&lot=2633719
    Ex Roma 40/165 (£220) https://www.sixbid.com/browse.html?...&lot=3443313
    Ex Leu 4/1461

    Troas, Dardanos
    5th century BC
    AR Hemitartemorion 5mm, 0.07g!
    Forepart of horse galloping left
    Rooster running left
    Unpublished; possibly unique?
    This type is known as a tetartemorion, but not as a hemitartemorion. One of the smallest and lightest coins ever made by the Greeks!

    Cilicia, Myriandros
    Under Satrap Mazaios?
    AR Obol (0.69g)
    Obv: Apollo striding right, drawing bow
    Rev: Lion facing, walking left, "Solar disc" above
    Unpublished, maybe 5-10 known?
    20190419_165430.jpg 20190419_165421.jpg
    Another of the type sold for $470 @ CNG: https://www.cngcoins.com/Coin.aspx?CoinID=134308

    Cilicia, Uncertain
    Unknown satrap
    AR Obol
    Obv: Head of Satrap left in satrapal cap
    Rev: Unknown female deity facing, rose to left
    Winzer 18.1
    Cilicia unknown obol satrap female rose.jpg
    Really exceptional surfaces and strike for the type; and one of the clearest roses I have seen.
    Other examples:

    Cilicia, Tarsos
    Satrap Tiribazos, 388-380 BC
    AR Obol
    Head of Ahura-Mazda, supreme Zoroastrian deity
    Baal / Baaltars standing left, holding eagle on outstretched arm, monogram to right, Aramaic TRZ behind
    SNG France 234
    cilicia tiribazos obol ahura mazda.jpg

    Mysia, Kyzikos
    AR Obol (10mm, 0.58g)
    520-480 BC
    Head of Rooster right + upright head of Tunny fish
    Rough incuse
    Possibly third known?
    Only two other examples I could find:
    #1 Munzen und Medaillen (May 2010)
    #2 CNG 281/99 (June 2012, sold $425)
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