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  1. ro1974

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    Domitian. 81-96 AD. Denarius, Rome, 88/9 AD. Obv: IMP CAES DOMIT AVG - GERM P M TR P VIII Head laureate right. Rx: IMP XVII COS XIIII CENS P P P Minerva standing left holding thunderbolt and spear, shield behind her leaning against her legs. RIC 659 (R ). BM 149. Paris 140. Cohen 245 (2 Fr.). Only one specimen in Reka Devnia hoard. IMP XVII is a scarce acclamation, evidently soon superseded by the even rarer IMP XVIII and then the common IMP XIX. About EF.
    _DSC1172.JPG _DSC1175.JPG
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  3. ro1974

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  4. Marsyas Mike

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    Nice coin!
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  5. Theodosius

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    Great portrait and seems pretty scarce.

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  6. ancient coin hunter

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    I agree that it is an excellent example of a Domitian denarius.
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  7. Jay GT4

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    Great coin!
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  8. chrsmat71

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    Great lookin' denarius! Great obverse, struck like a boss, flow lines, a bit of toning...awesome.
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  9. green18

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    Your coin, dear fellow?
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  10. ro1974

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    my coin, thanks all:)
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  11. ominus1

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    wow! looks AU nice 1 ro! :)
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