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Discussion in 'US Coins Forum' started by Publius2, Jan 23, 2021.

  1. Publius2

    Publius2 Well-Known Member

    After yesterday's Heritage auction of early US silver dollars, a 1796 has been added to the US type set. Only two more dollars to go, the Flowing Hair and the Liberty Seated Motto. Here's the dollar set minus the moderns so far:

    Obv-side-Resized.jpg DSC_0431-tile-Print Copy.jpg Obv 2 Lights-Print Copy-tile.jpg DSC_0435-tile.jpg DSC_0597-tile.jpg DSC_0437-tile.jpg
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  3. GoldFinger1969

    GoldFinger1969 Well-Known Member

    Congrats on your auction win !
  4. Publius2

    Publius2 Well-Known Member

    I only watched the Flowing Hair and DB Small Eagle portion of the auction, about 70 or 80 coins. But it seemed to me the bidding was pretty strong for the rarer die marriages, say R5 to R8 but about normal for more common die marriages. But in other auctions I was watching I saw some pretty strong hammer prices which reinforces my impression that the market is seeing higher prices in high quality and/or rarer pieces.
  5. Gam3rBlake

    Gam3rBlake Well-Known Member

    Very very nice!!!

    This is the first time I’ve seen anyone collecting a dollar type set like myself.

    I’m not anywhere close to where you are but I did just make my first “big” purchase when I picked up this 1799 Draped Bust Dollar.

    Hopefully years from now I have a set like yours. :)

  6. Gam3rBlake

    Gam3rBlake Well-Known Member

    Edit: Ignore this. I didn’t notice it was a HALF Dollar. It looked like a Dollar to me.

  7. fretboard

    fretboard Defender of Old Coinage!

    Damn, fascinating coins, deep pocket coins! Good on you both! thumbupp.gif
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  8. Gam3rBlake

    Gam3rBlake Well-Known Member

    Oh I forgot to ask: Are you planning on getting a Trade Dollar? Or do you not consider that to be a real dollar type?
  9. AuldFartte

    AuldFartte Supporter! Supporter

    Those are some beautiful dollars! Congratulations!
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  10. ksparrow

    ksparrow Coin Hoarder

    What a great looking addition to your dollar type set! Plenty of detail and surfaces look nice from where I sit.
  11. Publius2

    Publius2 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the nice comments. I forgot to include the Trade Dollar. Here 'tis.

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  12. Publius2

    Publius2 Well-Known Member

    @Gam3rBlake be patient and watch the auctions. This Heritage auction on Friday had tons of early dollars and the price points for common (relatively speaking) type coin dollars in the VG to VF range seemed pretty good to me. I think, generally speaking, when there is lots of the same type of product being auctioned one right after the other, the chance of picking up a good buy increases.
  13. tmoneyeagles

    tmoneyeagles Indian Buffalo Gatherer

    I am usually not one for darker coins, but that 59-O is spectacular!

    It can be quite hard to find an attractive Lafayette, and the example you have there is better than most I've seen that hover around that grade range. I'm not sure it would ever cross at MS61, I'm thinking AU58 is more realistic, but still a beauty.
  14. Mat

    Mat Ancient Coincoholic

    Some real beauties, congrats.

    Love the 1796 & the seated.
  15. Publius2

    Publius2 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I don't get too wrapped around the axle about the AU-62 thing. The 59-O is also over-graded. As my knowledge, expertise, and discrimination improve I find that I am much more concerned about how the coin looks than what it says on the slab.

    With big coins, I focus on clean fields since they are often so elusive.
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  16. kanga

    kanga 65 Year Collector Supporter

    Great looking coins.
    I don't include the Lafayette Dollar in my type set since I limit myself to coins normally used in commerce.
    This is my holding; pictures when I get there.
    I've just started my "show-and-tell"; cents next.

    S$1 Flowing Hair 1795 F-15 PCGS
    S$1 Draped Bust, Small Eagle 1795 VF-30 PCGS
    S$1 Draped Bust, Large Eagle 1800 VF-25 PCGS
    S$1 Seated Liberty, No Motto 1846 XF-45 PCGS
    S$1 Seated Liberty, With Motto 1872 AU-50 PCGS
    S$1 Trade 1877 S AU-55 PCGS
    S$1 Morgan Liberty Head 1880 S MS-66* NGC
    S$1 Peace Liberty, High Relief 1921 MS-62 NGC
    S$1 Peace Liberty Head, Low Relief 1926 MS-64 PCGS
  17. johnmilton

    johnmilton Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately the Gobrecht Dollar is considered to be a type too. With a mint of 1,000 in 1836 and 600 more in 1837, many think of it as a regular issue, not a pattern.

    The worst one I have ever seen was just the eagle in the reverse which was cut out of the coin. Next was one with a hole that had also had some acid damage. I bid $400 on it when I was in my 20s and didn't get it.
  18. johnmilton

    johnmilton Well-Known Member

    Yes, I agree with that. The fact that the coin pleases you is more important than the grade on the slab.
  19. kanga

    kanga 65 Year Collector Supporter

    Yeh, I know that, at least with respect to NGC.
    Same with the 1792 Half Disme and Disme.
    I made a command decision.
    They were "proposed coinage" and therefore don't fit into my type set
    That certainly made it easier to think I might complete a type set.
    Of course if I hit the lottery I may find it easier to change my mind :rolleyes:
  20. johnmilton

    johnmilton Well-Known Member

    The 1792 half disme is a regular issue coin because of George Washington's 1792 message to Congress about a "small beginning in coin" where he mentioned the half dime by name.

    The disme is a pattern because there is no evidence that was made in sufficient quantities to have in impact on the economy.
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