Does this 2 1960 D and 1969 S consider RPM? Your opinions please

Discussion in 'Error Coins' started by Bate, Oct 17, 2018.

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    Die chips on the S a possible on the 60. Have you checked it on VV?
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    Not listing..
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    Since the mint mark was struck at least twice during the 60s by hand, how much movement from the first strike is allowed to the second strike. Is the small indent in the lower back corner of the D enough to rate as a RPM rather than normal levels as it was hand struck. On one discussion in a print publication ( long time ago), it was said that if it wasn't discernible at 5X, it was normal. I do not know when that probably changed in the 50s as instead of a low percentage, when people started getting money for them, the numbers on some years were over 100 different ones. I have not recently seen anything in print about how big a RPM has to be as before single squeeze, all business strikes were technically 'repunched', but one should collect what they like. Jim
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