Does anyone know when the Antioch Hoard of Gallienus was excavated?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Gao, Jan 18, 2018.

  1. Gao

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    So I was reading up on the Antioch Gallienus Hoard, but one thing I'm curious about but can't find is when the hoard was dug up or at least acquired by Alex G. Malloy. The auction catalog on Forvm is from 1992, and Alex' bio there says he started selling coins in 1968, but that's a pretty broad window. I would guess that he probably acquired it within a few years of that auction, but does anyone know more about this? Or does anyone have an email address for Alex G. Malloy?
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  3. Ken Dorney

    Ken Dorney Yea, I'm Cool That Way...

    Malloy passed away many years ago....
  4. dougsmit

    dougsmit Member Supporter

    The text of the catalog does state that the find spot was not known and that there were only a bit over half of the hoard listed in the catalog. It would seem reasonable that the group passed through several hands between the find and catalog.
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  5. Gao

    Gao Member

    Sad to hear that. I guess Forvm's page on him hasn't been updated in a while.
  6. JSermarini

    JSermarini Member

    Alex Malloy is still alive. Or at least he was when I spoke to him about six months ago. Alex became a consultant for Forum for a short time after he retired. Some months after he started consulting his wife died and he had open heart surgery a week later. After that rough week, he moved near one of his children and gave up working. I don't think he uses email anymore and I don't think he wants to be contacted with questions. All I know about the hoard is in the catalog.
  7. Ken Dorney

    Ken Dorney Yea, I'm Cool That Way...

    I guess I was given bad information, unless I was mixing him up with someone else. Mark Twain, and all that!
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