Do you haggle with coin dealers?

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Hiddendragon, Jul 27, 2010.

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    i get good discounts on legend numismatics coins all the time -- good percentage but i do not like to reveal the numbers.
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    There are many coins I may quote what I have to have for it and if the guy will not pay the money he can be on his way. This is usually stuff where I a working with a narrow spread. Others I may qoute something like $275 (CW Trends) on a coin I have $100 in and if they guy makes a counter offer close to the $275 its his. I set up at shows mainly to buy deals that walk up. There are many people who come to shows who are broke or won't pay the money. A dealer has to concentrate on those who have funds and will pay the money. I don't judge people by how their dressed but how they lay out the green.

    If your in the business, you can't leave too much money on the table. I study mail order adds and know what markup other dealers are using above CDN. Some coins, my retail price code may have been derived from such an ad. At this stage of the game I have a core inventory thats for sale at retail only. I have lots of cash for the right deal. Basically I am at the show to buy and sell at my price, not invest or liquidate.
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