Do silver coins inside NGC slabs tone?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by pprp, Sep 14, 2019.

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    Paper envelopes are great for toning coins. I try to look at all my coins at least once every 6 months and am always pleasantly surprised by noticeable developments in toning on most of my coins. I've had a few that I purchased nearly "blast white" to borrow a modern term and in only a year or two have seen significant changes. Here's 2 years worth:

    If you want that coin toned and slabbed it might be worth cracking out and resubbing in a few years
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  3. jamesicus

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    Again, I have stored the following two silver coins in pH neutral paper envelopes for approx five years - I have not noticed any change in surface coloration or toning from when I bought them. I live in the very arid SW United States that has mostly very low air humidity.

    Charles I (1625-1649) Silver Half-Crown (1625)

    Tower Mint (Harp), Seaby 2771, North 2207, Diameter: 35mm, Weight: 15.13gm

    Charles II (1660-1685) First year (1662) issue Milled silver crown

    Diameter: 40mm (initial issue large flan) Weight: 29.57gm

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  4. Sallent

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    When I used paper envelopes for a year (the archival kind) I still noticed some toning developing on some of the coins. Most didn't tone significantly (just slight changes in toning), but a few really had some significant changes. Especially my Alexander Get minted by Seleukos I, which developed a subtle pink hue.
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