Difference between the 2019 S Enhanced Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle

Discussion in 'Coin Chat' started by Jim Dale, Mar 31, 2023.

  1. Jim Dale

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    I have seen reference to the 2019 S Enhanced Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle in many places. (I don't know if I got the got name correct, but I tried.) On ebay, I see that the 2019 W selling for about $150, while the 2018 S is offering for about $1,500 and up. Other than the difference between the Mintmarks, I am sure that the $2019 S and 2019 W are only the Mintmark. When it first came on sale, it was advertised for sale for between $90 to $1,500 and up. The gold coin is selling for up to $5,000. I did buy the silver version and I find that it is very nice. It cost me over $350. The owners of the the 2019 S version were very shrewd. I've looked at the gold version and the silver version and the workmanship is great in both of them. I did buy the 2019 W Enhanced Reverse Proof American Silver Eagle. I can't wait to see it in my hand.
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  3. lardan

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    The 2019S you are referring to is the ASE with the lowest mintage of ASEs.
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  4. Vess1

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    Yeah I think the S there was only 30k or so made. Somehow that year I missed out on trying to get one. Just didn't notice it. But seeing how I was unable to get a V75 with 75k minted and after trying for 45 min until they sold out, I doubt I wouldve been able to nab a 19-S had I tried anyway. They were probably sold out in 15 minutes or less. Maybe I should be happy I missed it.
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