Did anyone follow Artemide e-Live auction 17?

Discussion in 'Ancient Coins' started by Orielensis, Mar 27, 2021.

  1. Orielensis

    Orielensis Supporter! Supporter

    Did anyone else follow live bidding or even win something in the first part of Artemide e-Live 17, which has just ended?

    They sold some fine Roman Republican coins in different price ranges, and the auctioneer who did the live video stream in my eyes did a good job. Hammer prices were generally strong but not as crazy as we have seen with other recent auctions. Lot 251, a nicely toned RRC 262/1 with a little elephant head, now is mine – my first real ancient auction win this year! (Pictures will be posted once I have the coin in hand.)

    Still, I am surprised at how much some popular but common Republican denarii in relatively attractive condition hammered for. If I see correctly, lots 238/239, 283, 294 and 301, for example, would have been €50 coins back in 2019. Now, they sold for two to four times that much...

    (Here is a link to the catalogue.)
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  3. Ryro

    Ryro The last of the Diadochi Supporter

    I sure did and found some great deals!
    Very happy with my Pertinax upgrade. A rare type of one of my fav "what coulda beens" with a nice toning for 120 euros!
    Pertinax (193 AD). AR Denarius. Obv. Head right, laureate. Rev. Liberalitas standing left, holding abacus and cornucopiae. RIC IV 5. AR. 2.43 g. 17.00 mm. RR. A rare type. Toned. A minor flan crack. Very slight test cut on the reverse. F. Purchased Artemide March 2021
  4. Parthicus Maximus

    Parthicus Maximus Well-Known Member

    I followed almost the entire auction, but was outbid on the only coin I really wanted. The prices of some coins were fairly ordinary. But some also went for exceptional amounts.
  5. Scipio

    Scipio Well-Known Member

    2EC43992-3957-4D85-9E56-E7CFC9BD377E.jpeg I always find something at a decent price at Artemide auctions, it is one of the few that offer quality coins in the middle graded conservation. I noticed too that there are no more RRdenarii under 100€.

    today I won this:
    Q. Caecilius Metellus Pius Scipio. AR Denarius, 47-46 BC, Africa mint. Obv. Head of Jupiter right, laureate. Rev. Elephant right. Cr. 459/1. AR. 3.97 g. 19.00 mm. Lightly toned. About EF/VF.
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  6. Roman Collector

    Roman Collector Supporter! Supporter

    I got one, but I'm saving it for a Faustina Friday! ;)
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