Deutsche Bundesbank bags

Discussion in 'World Coins' started by run_run_run, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. run_run_run

    run_run_run New Member

    I have seen I few ebayers selling pound lots from " Deutsche Bundesbank bags". Has anyone every bought these and had good results? Also does this look like I good price? I am looking to buy some to sort through.
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  3. Skylark

    Skylark Senior Member

    It looks like a good quality mix but for $40 I dont know.

    For $8 you have this auction, but thats only 50 coins.

    -At the moment $40 looks like an ok deal, If you can stand waiting for awhile you might find a great deal.
  4. run_run_run

    run_run_run New Member

    They guy I linked to sells from .5 pounds to 5. I am going to wait and shop around some more.
  5. JonySky

    JonySky Senior Member

    bags of coins

    When I first started collecting world coins, I bought a lot of coins that way for about $8 a pound average. I found a few valueable coins, but mostly I had a ball, learned a lot about the countries they were from and built a pretty good base for starting a good world coin collection. I've got coins from 230 countrys, and I probably got 130 countrys from bulk buying. I can recommend a couple of sellers that I did repear business with, if you are interested. JonySky
  6. run_run_run

    run_run_run New Member

    Finding a few valueable coins would be great, but my main goal is to start a world collection and lern about them.If you could recomend some sellers I would appreciate it
  7. Mikjo0

    Mikjo0 Numismatist

  8. JonySky

    JonySky Senior Member


    Well, there are a lot of countries that have changed names, been conquered or gained independence, island colonies that are now on their own. There are places like Sarawak, Borneo, Straits Settlements that are now part of Malasia. There are still countries that I don't have coins from. I wonder how many different nations or principalities have produced coins in the last 100 years anyway. I don't lie. Would you like my list? JonySky
  9. JonySky

    JonySky Senior Member

    To reply to RUN RUN RUN

    Here are the names of several dealers on Ebay that I've dealt with more than once and was pleased with the coins/deals I got from them. "VETTE 1986", "UNSEARCHEDCOINS", "VERNON.COIN", and probably my favorie source for world coins, "DIGGAFROMDOVER", Digga also has a web site with a huge selection at good prices, and he ships faster than anyone I've ever bought from. JonySky
  10. run_run_run

    run_run_run New Member

  11. karrlot

    karrlot Senior Member

    I collect by country/denomination/date. Over the course of the last 2-3 years I have purchased four of those bags (22lbs each). I've never purchased the smaller lots - but I can only assume they are the same coins just not as many. IMO they are a great way to start a world collection - and a big one at that. I keep my coins in 2x2 cardboard holders in 20 pocket pages in binders. For example I've got 3 - 1.5" binders for germany. I am close to a complete set of 1pfennig coins by date/mintmark.

    I have thousands of coins from over a hundred countries. I've got a number of complete (or very close to complete) sets of coins.

    Most of those coins are from countries that are now using the Euro. You are going to get a lot from one or two counties (usually spain, yugoslavia, germany, belgium). The last bag (22lbs) I opened had about 7 pounds of spanish coins. Obviously you will get lots of duplicates.

    Right now they are the cheapest I've seen at about $125 per bag. One seller -
    "unsearchedcoins" is offering free shipping if you buy two bags (thats what I did last time). For a visualization 22 lbs is about a gallon or a little less. However this lot did not have as many older coins (1900- 1950) as I have gotten before.

    Even on my fourth bag, I still got hundreds of unique coins to add to my collection.

    The one thing I have noticed that causes the biggest difference in prices is the exchange rate of the US dollar.

    If you look around different sellers will have the bags for sale with free shipping. Watch where they are shipping from, because if they are coming from Germany it can take a month to get them.

    I'll be buying more when I get done going through what I have...
  12. Brokencompass

    Brokencompass Member

    I know its been yearss since this was discussed. Did you find anything interesting in the last 3 years?
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